Navigating Virtual Recruiting during Turbulent Times – Tips & Best Practices.

COVID-19 has made fully-remote teams and virtual recruiting become the new normal. Despite hurting the job market and presenting an unprecedented challenge for recruiters, the pandemic also speeds up the digital transformation in many functions, recruiting included, and encourages modern recruiters to come up with new strategies to find talents. Desperate time calls for adaptive measures, those who thrive will lead the game when normalcy is restored. For example, Charter was able to hire 3000 new employees 100% virtually during the last few months, and they will possibly be in a good position when the offices resume openings. Interested in how to adopt a wide range of virtual recruiting tactics? Here is Rakuna’s guide to virtual recruiting with best practices.

Virtual Recruiting in a Nutshell

Virtual Recruitment has been around for years, and many of us have probably implemented at least one or two methods. However, the need for virtual … Read more

Shiba Inu Marketcap now higher than Deutsche Bank

The Shiba Inu price broke out above $0.00008 this week, a new all time high for the fan favorite meme cryptocurrency, up 70% in the past 24 hours.

On it has entered the top #10 ranked coins by marketcap, currently ranked 9th with a market capitalization (total value of all coins) of just under $40 billion.

That’s a higher marketcap than some multinational investment banks, e.g. Deutsche Bank has a marketcap of a little under $30 billion and is one of the top 1000 most valuable companies in the world.

Crypto Marketcap

In stocks, marketcap is the total market value of all of a publicly traded company’s outstanding shares and a common measure of its worth and success.

In crypto, marketcap is calculated by multiplying the current coin price by the number of coins in circulation.

The total global marketcap of all crypto is $2.4 trillion, of which Bitcoin’s … Read more

Newest News, Videos And Monetary Occasions Photographs

Even when he did not have a monetary investment, he intellectually owned it, which was invaluable,” says a fellow political strategist. The errors within the 2020 census is not going to be evenly distributed.

business process management pdf free download

Operations administration is the administration of business practices geared toward making certain most effectivity within a business, which in turn helps to improve profitability. McCoy has been sensible about spending the money, using loads of it to pay for brand new tools that is expected to save the district thousands in the long term. Take the lean skillet, a hulking, $15,000 vat in regards to the size of a six-burner range that can cook as much as 60 gallons of meals. Before the cooks had one, making monumental portions of chili, taco meat or spaghetti sauce was backbreaking work. For each batch, cooks had to make use of a number … Read more

Should I Put My Vaccination Status on My Resume?

Should I Put My Vaccination Status on My Resume?

Fully Vaccinated for COVID-19

Should you include that information on your resume?

​I have recently seen many polls on LinkedIn about including one’s vaccination status on the resume. It seems as though the reactions are varying with time. In the meantime, my clients have been asking me about whether or not medical information (i.e.: vaccination status) must be included or listed on their job search documents. At this point, there aren’t any solid Yes or No answers that would apply to all situations like a regulation. Today, it still depends on each job’s requirements.

Mandatory Vaccine

The Biden administration announced a new rule from the Department of Labor on September 9, 2021 that will require all companies with 100 or more employees to ensure each worker is fully vaccinated or can show a negative COVID-19 test at least once a week.
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Saxo Bank Expands Crypto Offerings to Meet Growing Demand

Saxo Bank is seeking to expand its cryptocurrency offerings. To this effect, the firm has announced that it will be expanding the list of its exchange-traded products (ETPs). These products track the prices of the supported cryptocurrency assets.

The Tuesday announcement further stated that the firm would offer nine crypto-FX pairs and expand the position limits.

Saxo Bank Expands Offerings

The firm has been adding new products to its portfolio to attract a new set of clients. One of the products it has added is the ProShares Bitcoin futures ETF. The $BITO ETF has been one of the best performing crypto products in US markets over the past week.

Buy Crypto Now

The other expansion is in the position limits. The firm has noted that its retail clients can enjoy positions of up to $200,000, which was a four-fold increase from the previous $50,000. The limit for professional investors has … Read more