Ripple Price Prediction: XRP/USD Looks to Consolidate Its Position Below the $0.16 Zone

XRP Price Prediction – March 29

The Ripple price is floating within the channel as the price has been making an effort to break past the upward trend line.

XRP/USD Market

Key Levels:

Resistance levels: $0.20, $0.22, $0.24

Support levels: $0.15, $0.13, $0.11

XRPUSD – Daily Chart

A few days ago, XRP/USD had a bullish breakout from a flag formation as it looks to consolidate its position below the $0.18 level. Yesterday, the price has gone up from $0.17 to $0.18 before giving a bearish signal today. At the time of writing, the coin is floating around the upper limit of the channel as the RSI (14) indicator moves around 46-level. The daily breakdown shows that the intraday support and resistance lie between $0.16 and $0.18 respectively.

Moreover, XRP/USD has continued to demonstrate a sign of weakness across its markets. The daily chart reveals that the coin is down with … Read more

5 Safe Driving Tips for Spring

Now that you’ve survived driving in the winter, getting around in spring should be a breeze, right? Not exactly.

Spring presents its own unique challenges to motorists, experts say. For starters, there can be a “letting your guard down” mentality that sets in as the ice and snow have melted away, and pure giddiness over rising temperatures prompts a sense of abandonment. But there are special, seasonal challenges that drivers need to keep in mind.

With that, here are some safe driving tips:

1. Drive in the middle lanes when it rains

Realize that a wet road can be just as slick as an icy one. Tires will hydroplane and lose contact with the road, which is as dangerous as hitting pure ice. Also, rain causes oil dripped from passing vehicles to rise to the top of the water surface, increasing the slick factor. Stay in the middle lanes … Read more

Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH/USD Consolidates Under $140 Before Moving Up Higher

ETH Price Prediction – March 27

The Ethereum price is making an attempt to lift off to levels above $160 but fundamentals keep lagging behind.

ETH/USD Market

Key Levels:

Resistance levels: $170, $175, $180

Support levels: $100, $95, $90

ETHUSD – Daily Chart

ETH/USD is seen moving in a tight range. Ethereum, the second-largest digital asset with the current market value of $15.10 billion, early this morning, tested above $142 level before retreating to the current level of $136.41. According to the daily chart, the Ethereum price is seen trading under the key resistance of $140 zone.

Moreover, as the price moves within the chart, the downside is strongly protected at $135 level. Nevertheless, the bulls are still in control of the market movement but the main goal is to step above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages and sustain gains above $150. At the time of writing, ETH/USD has … Read more

How Long Does a Roof Last?

Whether you’re buying or selling a home — or you want to make sure you’re taking great care of the one you already own — the age of the roof is something that’s important to keep in mind. While a roof is designed to last years, it won’t last forever. Knowing how long a roof should last is something that’s important for every homeowner.

All roofs aren’t created equal, though. The lifespan of your roof depends on what kind of materials it’s made from. Of course, weather events can also affect how long (and how well) it lasts, so those are things to take into consideration, too.

Life expectancies for different roofing materials

Shingles have the important job of protecting your home, but there are many different types of roofing materials on the market. The type of roofing material can affect how long your roof lasts, and the region … Read more

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: BCH/USD Takes the High Road; Price Hovers at $220

BCH Price Prediction – March 25

The bears are looking to negate the gains made by the bulls yesterday as the price moves down from $232 to $213.

BCH/USD Market

Key Levels:

Resistance levels: $280, $290, $300

Support levels: $162, $152, $142

BCHUSD – Daily Chart

BCH/USD is still positive but it looks like it lacks enough momentum to hit 250. Following the recent price, Bitcoin Cash faces a potential resistance at $232 level above the middle limit of the Bollinger bands. A break above this is likely to produce a huge green candle to the upside, marking resistances at $280, $290, $300 levels and above. By then, the BCH market would have been in a bullish run.

As we can see in the daily chart, a bearish step back is dragging the price towards the 9-day moving average which may likely roll the market back to $180 support, if … Read more