B21 to Launch Investment Application in India

B21, a digital asset investment company that allows users to start their investments at just $25, revealed that it would be launching a B21 Invest application in India, according to a press release.

“B21 Invest makes it easy to purchase and manage a portfolio of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS straight from a mobile phone,” the release reads. It also supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency purchases utilizing fiat currency, debit cards, or even bank transfers.

The application will be free on both Android and iOS, and ensures users can “create their own secure, customized portfolio of cryptocurrencies without going through multiple “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and wallet set-up hurdles.”

Users can track their portfolio, look at profits, and more within the app. They can also withdraw funds from anywhere around the world.

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Nationwide Adding Investments to Fight Racism

Reasserting its commitment to justice and equality, Nationwide is making additional investments to combat racism and promote economic empowerment.  On top of its existing efforts, the company is announcing a $1 million, multi-year commitment to support local and national programs dedicated to fostering social justice.

The multi-year commitment on criminal justice efforts is in addition to Nationwide’s significant and long-held commitments to support diversity initiatives aimed at addressing economic empowerment, education and housing—all core issues at the heart of systemic racism.

“At Nationwide, we believe that racism in any shape or form is unacceptable and runs counter to our core values,” said Kirt Walker, Nationwide Chief Executive Officer. “Today, we are making it clear that we are committed to taking action to promote social equity and justice.”

The company is making an additional $1 million in contributions to social justice organizations, with funds being directed to:

  • The National Association for
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