The Lucid Air Dream Edition Just Might Be Elon Musk’s Worst Nightmare

Sometimes you witness something, and the only thing you can think to describe it is “yep, they got it.” That’s the feeling I had when I saw the Lucid Air Dream Edition in person this week. “They got it.” By “it,” I mean they may have actually cracked the secret recipe for what makes a great electric vehicle (EV). While that’s very good news for EVs, it could be very bad news for Tesla

Before I explain why, let’s be honest, Tesla is–by a scale of magnitude–the most successful EV maker. The competition isn’t even close. 

Sure, there are traditional car makers experimenting with how to put an electric motor into what they’ve always understood a car to be. That’s how you end up with the Chevy Bolt or Nissan Leaf or the Porsche Taycan. In each case, those vehicles represent only one small piece of a

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What Your Car Emergency Kit Should Have

It’s one of a driver’s worst fears: A dead battery or alternator, a blown gasket, your car ran out of gas, or any number of other car troubles that leave you stranded on an empty stretch of road. For winter drivers, there’s also the possibility of sliding off an icy road into a snowbank.

In such a scenario, having a car safety kit with the right components can mean the difference in keeping you and your passengers safe and sound until aid arrives. Depending on the problem, the proper tools can also get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

While some items should be found in every trunk, not every roadside emergency kit is built the same. Tailor it to the type and condition of your vehicle, as well as the weather where you typically travel. With the unpredictability of winter weather, even drivers in … Read more

Is HR Getting Back To Normal?

A lot of the conversations I have these days with HR leaders, VCs, and entrepreneurs are all about what the next six months is going to look like and if we are “getting back to normal.”

While it’s impossible to predict the future, sometimes the trends in various datasets can shed insights, and lucky for us we have some data this week 🙂

CloserIQ is an organizational strategy firm focused on building growth and engineering teams at innovative companies. They specifically do a lot of recruiting, and gave us the below chart of the number of jobs they were working throughout the last twelve months (blue line), along with the number of jobs/recruiter they had at any given time this year (red line).

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Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Makes Gradual Recovery above $13,040, Upside Momentum Likely

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction – October 28, 2020
BTC/USD price is consolidating above $13,040 after the recent fall from the $13,800 resistance. The coin fell into the previous range bound zone between $12,800 and $13,200. BTC price has to break above the $13,200 to resume an upward move.

Resistance Levels: $13,000, $14,000, $15,000
Support Levels: $7,000, $6,000, $5,000

BTC/USD – Daily Chart

The recent high of $13,800 where BTC was resisted today was a historical price level of 2019. In 2019, the BTC price reached a peak price of $13,900 in July 2019. Today, if buyers have push BTC above this resistance, the market would have reached the $14,000 price level. The rejection has made the crypto to be range-bound between $13,040 and $13,800.

In this range, if the BTC price breaks the $13,800 resistance, the market will rally above the $14,000. On the other hand, if the bears break … Read more

Boxed Co-Founder Chieh Huang’s Keys to Thriving in the Pandemic

In 2013, launching an online store selling household items wholesale would not have seemed like a multimillion-dollar business idea. But that didn’t stop Boxed co-founder Chieh Huang from doing just that. Seven years later, Boxed has earned a reputation as the “Costco for Millennials,” having been valued most recently at around $600 million in 2018.

“I never thought that being a toilet paper salesman would be one of the most popular jobs in the early months of 2020, but here we are,” Huang said during a Real Talk webinar hosted by Inc. on Wednesday. He added that many of the business principles that have led to Boxed’s success hold true today for companies struggling to survive in the Covid-19 era. Here are three of Huang’s tips for thriving in the pandemic.

Spread joy to beat the competition.

Though consumers have plenty of options for where to buy toilet paper, Huang

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