How to Have Courage to Be an Entrepreneur at Any Age

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, how old you are is the last thing you should care about. 

A 23-year-old can become a founder on the same day a 45-year-old can start their first business. You’ve likely seen stories of young kids embarking on entrepreneurial ventures and also known retirees who begin new businesses. 

The truth is, what’s more important than the number of years behind you is your level of courage. What creates a successful entrepreneur is having the fortitude to try something outside of your comfort zone, to be seen failing, and to believe in your abilities. 

You might think to yourself, I don’t have the experience to start a business, or, I have too many responsibilities and not enough energy to completely change my life this late in the game. These are simply excuses, excuses rooted in fear. 

So how do you combat fear? You become

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