UK Companies Adopting Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Today, sustainability is more important than ever. In fact, a recent survey showed that 61 per cent of consumers have actively reduced their use of single-use plastics. In turn, this has the ability to drive trends. So how can the packaging industry respond to this?

In 2020, the UK placed 4.9 million metric tonnes of plastic on the market. Out of this, 3.7 million metric tonnes became waste. In order to reduce plastic pollution, companies across the nation can incorporate circular economy solutions into their business plans. 

The circular economy is a sustainable model of reusing, repairing, and recycling materials as many times as possible. In comparison to a linear system, circularity allows wasted materials to have a new life or to be recycled back into new products. As a result, waste is captured and the need for raw materials is alleviated.

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5 Best New Cryptocurrency to Buy Now – September 2022 Week 1

The cryptocurrency market remains at a depressed level, with little movement overnight. With a total cap of $1.026 trillion, it has dropped by 0.3% in 24 hours, 4.2% in a week and by 8.5% in a month. With the Federal Reserve still indicating an aggressive rate-hiking policy in the US, it also doesn’t look like the macroeconomic picture will improve just yet. However, one way of looking towards the future is invest in newer altcoins. Such coins sell at low and discounted prices, and being less than a year old, they’ve really yet to enjoy a bull market. As such, here’s our selection of the 5 best new cryptocurrency to buy now.

5 Best New Cryptocurrency to Buy Now

1. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

IBAT continues to do well following its listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. It has risen by 1.8% in 24 hours, and by 40% since it was first … Read more

Why Ecommerce Businesses Increasingly Need Innovative AI and Fraud Strategies

Online fraud is changing, but so is the way that risk teams are dealing with the threat of fraud and abuse. Smart machines and big data mean that businesses can be armed against fraud — they’re no longer playing defence.


Now, modern risk teams have seized the role of optimising business revenue, rather than focusing on loss avoidance. This reframed role means that progressive risk teams are no longer a cost recovery centre but have become their own revenue generator.


In Signifyd’s e-commerce data report, we explore how fraud strategies and artificial intelligence (AI) are key to fraud and abuse prevention solutions.


The rise of fraud teams

Fraud teams can no longer be the only defence against abuse. Since the dawn of ecommerce, the online side of the retail house has been somewhat shielded from the ill effects of an economic downturn or a strategic misstep by businesses.


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Huobi Token (HT) Up 11% in Seven Days: Here’s Why

Despite the market’s bearish sentiment, the Huobi Token (HT) coin has extended its bullish rally and drawn some strong bids around the $15 mark as part of its all-inclusive Prime Membership Program. Even though the major cryptocurrencies are trading in the red, the Huobi Token (HT) coin has extended its upward rally and gained significant positive traction around the $15 mark. However, its bullish resurgence could be its recent launch of the “Inclusive Prime Membership Program” to attract active traders. Meanwhile, investor confidence in the coin was seen as a key factor driving its upward trend.

The Huobi token’s market listing is a good reason for it to perform well in terms of value. It appears logical that the token’s price continues to rise, benefiting those who resist the least. On the negative side, according to the Securities Commission of Malaysia, Huobi is allegedly operating without a formal registration from … Read more

Recruiter CEO Gives Resume Tips

As the Founder and Managing Partner of SCM Talent Group – a Supply Chain recruiting firm, Rodney Apple has decades of experience reviewing resumes. He began his recruiting career by building out Home Depot’s very first supply chain management team more than 20 years ago. Since then, he has placed thousands of high level professionals for some of America’s biggest brands. Rodney also hosts a podcast where he and his partners talk about career development and advancement strategies.

In this video, Rodney takes some time to review his own resume as he addresses all the key components to a successful resume. This review is especially useful since Apple is a leading recruiter in the field of supply chain and has 2 decades of experience reviewing resumes. He has seen it all.

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