25 Articles for HR Tech Nerds from September 2020

At SelectSoftware, we aim to stay on the forefront of HR Tech. Usually it’s by providing unbiased, researched-based guides on every tool from HR chatbots to applicant tracking systems. This time however, we’re shifting the focus to voices other than our own. 

The articles listed below are written by our favorite content creators, thought leaders and innovators in the HR blogosphere. In an industry that’s constantly moving forward, these “People people” keep readers headed in the right direction. 

Mona Khalil and Alex Powell discuss the difficulties of inclusive hiring in an increasingly AI-driven process on the Greenhouse blog. 

If you’re curious about how companies can optimize their output without sacrificing employee morale in a work-from-home world, Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter’s piece for Lever’s blog will be enlightening. 

On Fistful of Talent, Ed Baldwin uses Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to build an insightful framework for developing employees during COVID-19

During a time where online influence is more important than ever, Maury Hanigan proposes that it’s time to rethink the recruiting video in an eye-opening post for ERE. 

Dr. Rita Gunther McGrath pens down some expert insights on teamwork in the virtual workplace in a post from July we just had to reread.

Virtual workspace

If you’re wondering how service and retail industry workers are pivoting to new roles during the pandemic, George Anders’ post provides interesting stats and graphics backed up by LinkedIn research.

Developing job descriptions during and eventually after COVID is a unique challenge. Atta Tarki and Burton Francis of ECA Partners tackle this conundrum on the RecruitingDaily blog.

David Creelman talks about how to allure the passive candidate in this compelling post for ERE.  

On SmartRecruiter’s blog, Mason Mitchel put together a comprehensive guide to boosting employee retention

Adam Love states on HireVue’s blog that optimizing retail recruitment operations prevents high turnover rates, therefore saving retail businesses important funds during COVID-19.

optimizing retail recruitment

Paperless employee onboarding is the latest trend, and Meredith Wholley lays out important steps for ensuring an effective and efficient virtual process in this ClearCompany post. 

Visier’s blog has a great post by Ian Cook that lays out how to improve diversity recruiting

Danielle Kost’s article for the Harvard Business School Working Knowledge hosts informative graphics and statistics to confirm that yes, the average employee is working much more than before the pandemic. 

Developer assessment company TripleByte has an interesting back and forth going on their blog. Joseph Pacheco’s original post argues for the importance of learning Big-O notation in coding, while David Titarenco labels Big-O as impractical.

This piece by Lori Li on TinyPulse is an essential read if you’re trying to create an inclusive workplace.

inclusive workplace

SnackNation’s blog has a thoughtful and frequently updated post about different gift ideas for employees to boost morale during the pandemic and beyond. 

If you’re curious about whether recruiting technology is ready to handle the mass rehiring that comes with the world gradually reopening, Lance Haun provides great insights on ERE. 

HCM Technology Report’s Mark Feffer ponders hidden obstacles of reopening during the pandemic in a post that we also featured on our weekly roundup

Employee rewards platform Bonusly analyzes their data from before and after COVID-19 hit, with writer Connie Du presenting great ideas to make the virtual workspace fun and engaging.

Suzanne Lucas of the Evil HR Lady crafted a must-read piece for HR teams about discussing mental health at work on Inc. 

Larry Dunivan reminds us that there is an election coming up and offers ideas and resources to encourage employees to vote in November in a post for Namely. 

employee vote stickers

Kris Dunn questions new research from the Harvard Business Review about HR jobs of the future on his entertaining and thought-provoking blog the HR Capitalist.

Nicole Dessain pondered how HR departments can lead to social good in a thoughtful post for Recruiting Daily. 

Mita Mallick poses six questions leaders should ask themselves before making their first chief diversity officer hire in a powerful post for the Harvard Business Review. 

Bullhorn’s Emily Swartz transcribed and outlined useful takeaways from a recent webinar about the business implications of diversity, equity and inclusion

Hybrid teams are coming, and Lorna Borenstein chronicles three guidelines for successful implementation on Forbes Human Resources Council.

Wrapping Up

At SSR, we always try to keep up with the latest and greatest minds in HR tech. Who have you been reading? What insights have you seen across the web? Reach out via our contact page!

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