4 Common Work-Related Injuries You Should Try to Prevent

When you go to work each day, you never think about getting injured on the job. However, this happens on a daily basis to thousands of people, some of whom suffer very serious injuries. However, if you put safety first on your job, it is much easier than you may think to prevent an injury that may have you out of work for weeks or even longer. If you want to stay safe while at work, here are four of the most common work-related injuries you should try to prevent.

Repetitive Strain

Whether it’s a wrist injury from spending hours typing at a computer to a shoulder injury you get from lifting box after box all day long, repetitive strain injuries are common everywhere from offices to warehouses. To avoid such injuries, you should take as many breaks as possible, use ergonomically-correct equipment, and change your body position frequently to prevent overusing certain muscles.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

From tripping over items left on a floor to slipping and falling due to a spill that was not cleaned up, these injuries happen all the time in various workplaces. When they do, you usually find yourself needing pain relief due to injuries you sustained from landing on your back or even from breaking an arm or leg.


If you work in a warehouse, at a construction site, or other workplace where there is the possibility of objects falling from above, always do everything possible to avoid suffering a concussion. Since even a head injury that may seem insignificant can turn serious later on, it is important to wear hard hats when necessary, make sure objects are not placed on shelves in precarious positions, and not attempt to overreach in an effort to grab something on a high shelf. If you do get struck in the head by an object, always seek medical attention to make sure you are not seriously injured.

Getting Caught in Machinery

Should you work in a manufacturing environment, one of the biggest dangers you can face is getting caught in various types of machinery. Most often, this occurs when workers wear loose clothing that gets caught by a machine, resulting in such injuries as broken bones, severe lacerations, and head, neck, and back injuries.

By staying aware of your surroundings, using common sense and good judgement while on the job, and always making safety your top priority, you can go to work each day and stay injury-free.

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