4 People You Need on Your Jobsite to Ensure the Safety of Your Employees and the Public

There’s a lot that goes into managing an active jobsite. Whether it is a residential construction job, road work, or some other big project, there are a lot of different technical aspects to consider. One of the most important of these components that must be actively managed is safety. If safety isn’t made a top priority, the worst can happen, easily. This could mean injured employees and passersby. Someone may even be killed. With that in mind, below is a list of four people you should have on your jobsite to protect the safety of your employees and the public.

Security Guard

One of the biggest threats at a jobsite, or any workplace for that matter, is the unexpected actions of human beings. Workplace violence is a real threat. Criminals could also enter a jobsite and attempt to steal equipment. Children, who may just be curious, may wander onto a dangerous jobsite and accidentally get injured. Overall, you need to guard the perimeter of a jobsite both while the work is being done and after the workers leave. Hiring security guards is one of the only ways to do that effectively.

Traffic Controller

Thousands of roads are worked on every single day. While this work is being done, traffic often needs to be safely guided through the jobsite or redirected around it. If it isn’t, accidents can happen. This could lead to workers being killed by cars driving too fast on the wrong part of the road. Even the drivers’ lives are at risk. To prevent tragedy, you need traffic controlĀ  to ensure that the jobsite remains safe from oncoming traffic. Hire traffic controllers that have been trained on how to safely guide traffic through or around an active road construction site.

Safety Director

Due to how complex some jobsites can be, maintaining safety in that workplace may require full-time positions. One such position is that of safety director. You can think of a safety director as a management position geared specifically towards maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. This involves developing training regimens that are used to teach employees how to maintain a safe workplace. It also means examining existing processes at the workplace so the best practices for maintaining safety can be developed and implemented.

A Safety Inspector

Another individual you need on your jobsite is a safety inspector. The safety inspector’s work should begin before all other employees. That professional should be the one inspecting the jobsite and all equipment for safety issues. If they detect a problem with a piece of equipment, for example, it can be replaced or repaired before an accident even occurs.

Overall, maintaining safety at a jobsite is vitally important. If you don’t, both workers and the public at large could be put at grave risk. Take this important responsibility very seriously. One way to create a safe workplace is to make sure that the right professionals, like the ones listed above, are on site to maintain the highest level of safety possible.

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