4 Pieces of Software Every Recruiter Should Have Access To

The main job of a recruiter is to get employees for job openings in organizations. Their job includes evaluating applicants’ job experiences, concerting salaries, and allocating them to consenting employment positions. There are many tools for recruiters, and the applied methods vary. Technology makes it easier to source, evaluate, and hire phenomenal applicants. Recruiting software is a Human Resource Management classification that post jobs and allure top applicants for openings within an organization. Recruiters use the software to post jobs, review resumes, interview applicants, and streamlines the searching and hiring process. Following are the four pieces of software every recruiter should use.

The Muse

Alluring the ideal applicants for your job is a task. Communication about the company’s culture over the phone or via text may not be easy to understand and might get lost in transition. Muse software helps the company to allure the right applicants by showcasing information through videos and photos in the company profile. It allows them to understand the company before they are a part of it. The software entitles you to attain massive passive applicants. It contributes to a different user pool.

Identity Resolution Software

Identity Resolution helps businesses identify the unique automated persona in a particular clientele. It assists you in enhancing immense individualized pursuits to target them. Some companies, like NetOwl, know that this software allows you to gather disjointed information about consumers’ online behavior as they shift through multiple devices. It provides an extensive consumer profile as it modulates data from different sources. Advertising agencies and marketing teams use it to apprehend specific consumer behavior through channels. The software helps consumers customize the message received through targeted advertisements, website personalization, email marketing, and much more.

Identity resolution is a feature of other clientele information management solutions. It includes customer data platforms (CDP), customer identity and access management software, and data management platforms (DMP). To be featured in the Identity Resolution category, a product must meet the following criteria; it must accumulate and reserve customer information from different sources. It should craft persona graphs using statistic points combined through various channels and devices such as email addresses, cookie data, online purchases, social media, and device IDs. It should make acquaintances among disparate appropriators to provide full information about the consumer. The software includes Signal, Zeotap, LiveRamp, Bounce X, and FullContact.

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn has information about applicants’ work history, which is useful for recruiters. Post job openings in this application as it provides an expansive network of feasible candidates that get sufficient visibility to your job openings. You can integrate the application directly, as it doesn’t disrupt the flow when switching from one tool to another.

Amazing Hiring

If you are looking to hire IT applicants, Amazing Hiring is the best software for you. It is an artificial intelligent-based web service that helps in searching and hiring viable IT candidates. Besides, it’s an aggregator that accumulates data about the applicants through various sources. It privileges you to massive IT talented applicants waiting for recruitment. This software gives you the liberty to source, analyze, and recruit viable talent.

These are a few software among the many that recruiters use. Recruiting software reduces workload and abolishes paperwork. It offers strong resume and applicant search functions, making it simple for you to hire employees.

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