5 Reasons Why Text Recruiting is the Present – and the Future

The average attention span of any millennial is about 8 seconds. With millennials being the fastest-growing group of candidates, it’s important for recruiters to communicate on the same wavelength.

93% of millennials own a smartphone and spend a lot of time checking their texts and social media. This makes a great opportunity for recruiters to reach these candidates – and future generations.

Text recruiting is hot in the recruiting space for this reason and will continue to grow in popularity due to its efficiency and usefulness.

Let’s take a look at why text recruiting is a must-have for every recruiting strategy.

It’s fast, easy, and convenient

The convenience and accessibility that text recruiting provides are unparalleled. Text recruiting provides an avenue of communication on the go, meaning recruiters and candidates can stay engaged at any time, and from anywhere. Recruiters can share and promote new job opportunities within seconds, and candidates can express interest with just a simple text.

It’s cost and time-efficient

Real-time engagement saves your recruiters time. Rather than manually sending an email or giving candidates a call, recruiters can reach candidates with a quick and easy text. Certain platforms like XOR’s Text Recruiting Software enables recruiters to build campaigns for different jobs and positions that can be sent out to dozens to hundreds of candidates within a matter of seconds. The time recruiters save using text recruiting can then be allocated towards more important tasks, such as interviewing candidates.

It’s personal

Compared to email, text messaging is much more personal. Paired with the right recruiting software, recruiters can make text recruiting a unique experience for candidates by creating and sending text messages in bulk – or customizing them one-by-one based on the candidate.

It facilitates a positive candidate experience

Candidates appreciate a quick and seamless recruitment process. That means short wait times, and high response rates. Text recruiting is the most efficient way to meet these needs and stay engaged with candidates; with a chatbot implementation, candidates can start their job applications at any time, and recruiters can answer FAQs around the clock.

It’s flexible and scalable

Whether you’re a small or large business, text recruiting can scale according to your hiring goals. As you grow, you can leverage text and recruiting automation to reach as many candidates as needed.


Text recruiting provides various options to help your team find and hire top candidates efficiently while saving on time and costs. For these reasons, it offers a lot of value today and in the future, and is a must-have in every recruiting strategy.

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