6 months of Zoek: The AI driven job board

Online job board Zoek US (pronounced Zook), launched its unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) job search technology in the US 6 months ago this March. Since then job seekers across the nation have been uploading their resumes and are being instantly matched with new jobs that accurately fit their skills, experience and needs. This job board aims to disrupt the market with the launch, giving hopefuls an advantage against other job search sites.

Designed in-house, Zoek US’ AI system performs an in-depth, five-layered search using keywords, synonyms and other criteria. This enables job seekers to quickly find jobs in a range of industries, both niche and general, in any location across the US. Zoek US currently features over nine million jobs advertised by more than 450,000 companies, including the likes of Amazon, Google and Johnson & Johnson, and the application process has never been so simple.

But who are Zoek?

Established in 2015 in the UK, Zoek had the goal of revolutionizing the job search industry through technological and digital innovation.Since their launch 5 years ago, they’ve helped over 800,000 people connect to great job opportunities with 50,000 companies.

In July 2020, Zoek launched its first international operation in India, before turning its sights on the US.

What do Zoek do?

Zoek makes finding a job and hiring the right candidate a breeze, finding new and innovative ways to connect job seekers and employers.

Their multi-layered AI technology takes all the time and guesswork out of finding a job seeker’s next job. Their platform also offers many unique features, including Job Cart, Advanced Search, and Search with Resumé.

Companies post jobs on Zoek because they know they’re going to be matched with the best candidates. So to ensure those candidates have the best chance of getting the job they want, Zoek’s job alert feature will send all new and relevant jobs straight to their inboxes.

Regarding the company’s entrance into the US, George Hurlin, head of global projects & sales at Zoek, said,

“The number of highly-skilled workers and jobs in the US meant it was an obvious choice for us. We have seen how well our AI can match people with the right jobs in the UK and are very excited to be giving jobseekers in the US the same advantages.”

About Zoek UK

Established in 2015, Zoek is the UK’s fastest-growing online job board. It uses unique AI technology to better match job seekers and employers.

The site also features exclusive written and video content, blogs and industry tips designed to give job seekers all the information they need to be successful. Featuring jobs from every industry and location, the company has over 900,000 registered users. And they’re able to view jobs from more than 23,000 companies

To find out more about Zoek, visit Zoek.us.

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