ATS and Resume Parser: Perfect Partners

I wonder if recruitment was so easy to do, why would HR managers take so long to close the jobs?

HR professionals are responsible for bringing the perfect talent to an organization. There are many steps behind this – scanning of resumes, scheduling interviews, etc. to recruit a final candidate. This is a tiresome task to do. But they can simplify their workload with an ATS.

Using an ATS makes the recruitment workflow uniform and streamlined. However, an ATS needs to club with the latest technology to provide remarkable results. Advanced AI tools like a resume parser is an excellent recruitment analytics solution that helps an ATS to explore its potential to the maximum.

Let’s read on to learn how a resume parser can enhance the functionality of an ATS and help HR professionals achieve their goals.

  1. Improves Quality of Hire:

    Many HR professionals have claimed to have an improved quality of candidates ever since they incorporated ATS. Using AI tools like a resume parser with an ATS can speed up the recruitment process that will help HR professionals to grab the opportunity to hire the perfect candidate. A resume parser can parse a large number of resumes or jobs in a scalable manner. It easily extracts the candidates’ data and saves it in pre-defined skills like name, experience, qualifications, contact number, etc. This allows HR professionals to screen out the unqualified resumes and ensures the HR team will consider the best prospects for the profile.

  2. Enhances Candidate Experience:

    Have you ever noticed what are the major put-offs for candidates? I believe it is complicated login pages, lengthy forms, etc. Websites with these elements tend to have many applicants leaving them. Not providing an impressive candidate experience can affect the branding of the organization as well. But with a parser, HR professionals can facilitate applicants with the quick and easy submission of their application. They only have to upload their resumes, and the fields will automatically get populated. With such an excellent user experience, these candidates can speak favorable words about the organization, which will help to attain a powerful image in the market.

  3. Saves Time for Value Adding Work:

    The topmost advantage of using a resume parser with an ATS is that it saves time. A resume parser easily screens out the unqualified candidates according to their skills and experience. This will help HR managers to quickly find the perfect candidate for the profile. In this way, HR professionals can shift their attention to more important tasks such as sourcing and hiring a quality workforce, which is necessary for boosting the organization’s efficiency.

  4. Speed Up the Recruitment Cycle:

    A parser parses a resume in real-time, only with a few clicks. This makes it easier to parse many resumes in a go. Using the parser, screening resumes is no longer a trouble. The availability of candidates’ data in fields such as name, experience, qualifications, skills, contact details, etc., has made it simple for HR professionals to choose perfect candidates. This helps them in closing more jobs quickly and speed up the hiring process.

  5. Prevents Human Bias:

    Every talent acquisition team’s goal is to select and hire the best employees. However, sometimes recruitment decisions can be influenced by unconscious bias. This bias can be difficult to uncover and lead to an imbalance decision in the hiring process. But with the help of a resume parser, this human bias can be eliminated. It can exclude the data which you feel can cause bias. You can easily identify the fields and have the option to enable/disable the data fields as per your requirement. Thus, automation of screening tasks will reduce HR managers’ manual intervention and no space for favoritism.

Types of Resume Parser for ATS:

Three types of resume parsing:

  • Keyword-based parser to identify words, phrases and patterns. Parser uses its own algorithm to find text around those words.
  • Grammar-based parser captures meaning of sentences on a resume.
  • Statistical parsers to find structure on a resume and deduce a numerical model.

How to automate resume reading using CV/resume parser? 

CV parser is the only tool in ATS that automates the resume screening and data entry process for all different resume formats like PDF, doc, docx, RTF, HTML. The parser follows the latest industry standards and generates output in HR XML and JSON. It becomes helpful for custom ERP, HRMS and Enterprise applications.

ATS with a scalable resume parser helps companies to identify potential talent, reduce manual interventions, and speed up the recruitment process.

Growing ATS’s should pool resources with leading resume parsing providers of the market and take the baton from where the parser leaves the process, not rather initiating the run. This would ultimately help candidates reduce the time to fill applications and, on the other hand, provide recruiters with an ample amount of time for other top priorities.

Are you using the latest version of resume parser? If not, you are missing the amazing features of A parser. 

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