Blockchain Foundry, Matic Network Partner to Increase Scalability

The Blockchain Foundry is partnering with the Matic Network to “explore interoperability between the Syscoin and Matic networks,” a press release from the two groups notes.

As you may know, the Blockchain Foundry is a blockchain development group based in the United States. It has helped develop the Syscoin network, while Matic creates its own network. The goal here should increase scalability for the Ethereum network, as that is what these groups intend to do in the first place in their own right.

Speaking on the matter is Sandeep Nailwal, the COO of the Matic Network, who said:

“Scalability solutions each have their own approaches and advantages; collaboration is the key to the long-term success of the blockchain industry. By combining the scalability advantages of Matic Network and Syscoin, together we will be able to usher in a new era of true scalability for Ethereum-based DApps. We at Matic Network look forward to working with Syscoin to provide the infrastructure to enable the global Ethereum ecosystem to flourish and thrive.”

Also shared some thoughts is Dan Wasyluk, the CEO of the Blockchain Foundry, who said:

“With this partnership, we are tackling blockchain scalability through two complementary strategies. Matic Network provides a solution to the increasing congestion on the Ethereum mainchain. With our recently launched trustless Syscoin bridge to Ethereum, ERC20 tokens can hop over to Syscoin and benefit from its already scalable network for payments. The combination of all three networks (Syscoin, Ethereum & Matic) provides a powerhouse blockchain solution that developers can trust to fully scale their project.”