Common Resume Summary Writing Mistakes

Writing a long story

A resume objective should be three to five sentences, equalling a paragraph at most. A long story describing previous life and current life, is going to make for a much longer paragraph. This will distract from the other sections on the resume that are vital to the hiring manager. Balance the resume objective out with the other sections on the resume. Tip: As a job candidate, if you feel like you have “more to say,” use the cover letter as an opportunity to speak your mind.

Ignoring career accomplishments

While a career summary is best suited for those with career accomplishments. Utilizing one career accomplishment in the resume objective can be useful. Referencing any type of job experience and accomplishment will support the skills and activities mentioned in the objective.

Ignoring academic achievements

Test scores are important to the hiring manager. Especially when interviewing for positions … Read more

Innovating Education Access Norms: Income-Sharing Agreements

Access to good education is critical to the overall development of a human being. And that’s true to any person on the planet, across geographies. Besides, access to education decides our earning power, or the ability to earn a livelihood. The future of your next three to four generations depends on what level of education you acquire today. And hence, access to world-class education becomes of paramount importance. But then, the biggest problem with having access to higher education is the costliness attached to the same. The tuition fee associated with most of the higher-study programs across the globe is exorbitant, and a middle-class family simply cannot afford to give their kids an education that costly.

So, what’s the way out? Borrowing education loans is one option, but not a feasible one, as you get charged a high percentage of interest on the principal amount, plus you are forced to … Read more

The 5 Must Read HRTech Stories from This Week

Six Months of COVID-19 Later, Where Are We Now?

HCM Technology Report looks back at where we started and where we are now as a workforce during a pandemic. Work days are an average of 48 minutes longer.

Companies are claiming the same or higher levels of productivity despite not being in office. But family responsibilities are shifting too, with most child care centers closing their doors and many schools staying online.  

Tech companies have mitigated problems with front-line workers, remote onboarding, unemployment assistance and much more. How will they rise to the challenge of the lengthening work day versus growing childcare responsibilities? 

Talent Plus, Inc. Adds Advisors Network

Talent Plus, Inc. advisor network

HR consulting and analytics firm Talent Plus, Inc. announced its new Advisors Network on September 15. The service aims to provide current and future partners with access to experts in various industries to help with business growth, strategic … Read more

Art of Recruiting: Think like a Marketer to Attract Best Talent

Gone are the days when the recruitment process revolved around referrals and newspaper advertisements. With the growing accessibility of the internet, the recruitment industry witnessed a drastic change. It has become a convoluted and multi-step process to hire a qualified candidate for the right position. Talent acquisition and high volume recruiting are two aspects that are a paradox in the recruitment industry.

If a recruiter wants to attract top tier talents in the field, it is necessary to think more like a marketer and present opportunity in right manner. Through this article, you can explore some exclusive tips that will help you as a recruiter to attract the best talent in the market.

Why Recruiters need Marketing skills today?

The market is full of potential talents, but why should they choose to work for your company? As everyone has a smartphone in their hands, they do have access to several … Read more

Ready to Initiate the Digital Transformation in Your Organization?

The pandemic COVID-19 is the biggest challenge of our lifetime, but there is also a positive side to this pandemic. It has accelerated the digital transformation across every industry. Organizations have started investing heavily in remote working and ensuring that employees can work from their home productively.

In a truly short time, organizations and employees face a significant period of uncertainty driven by fast-moving changes. While it is easy to talk about digital transformation, but it is an entirely different thing to do! Let’s dive deeper into the phenomenon of the digital transformation of HR and learn more about it.

What is Digital Transformation?

If organizations want to succeed in this competitive world, digital transformation is imperative for all the organizations, from the small to the enterprise. The process of changing operational HR processes to become automated and data-driven is digital transformation. It plays an essential role in changing the … Read more