07 Must-Try Ideas For Career Fair Giveaways

According to a recent Student Insights Report by Rakuna, nearly 90% of college students and recent graduates are attending career fairs. As career fairs are speed-dating events between employers and potential employees, you need to get the spotlight to attract the best candidates. Here are our suggestions to make your career fair giveaways impress your prospective candidates and help your organization to break through the clutter.

01. Top 03 Features Of Successful Career Fair Giveaways

First of all, you need to know the key features to success, to gain career fairs’ participants’ attention and keep your brand top-of-their-mind. Based on a study by PPAI, there are three key reasons for people to keep their promotional products:

1.1. Fun

Around 30% of survey respondents said that they tend to keep items attached to great experiences. As fun giveaways will definitely bring a joyful experience to the recipients, they are more likely

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[Press Release] Rakuna Cooperation With TeamTailor to Further Enhance The Recruiting Experience

[San Francisco, CA, April 8, 2021]

Rakuna, a cutting-edge recruiting operation & marketing platform with the mission to empower employers hiring their next wave of talent, today announced their cooperation as an official reseller partner of Teamtailor, a bold and inventive applicant tracking system provider. Teamtailor has a steady track record of satisfying over 4000 international customers of all industries and sizes, such as PONSSE, Kry, and Daniel Wellington.

2021 still holds many challenges for recruiting teams around the world. Global businesses remain cautious toward the future by cutting back recruitment programs and, subsequently, their hiring team’s size. However, the Covid 19 Pandemic’s disruptive force also brings about a technology revolution within the recruitment industry. Software such as applicant tracking systems enjoys a wider usage as recruitment campaigns move to the internet’s virtual world.

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The Top Intranet Document Management Features

One of the main reasons for getting an intranet is to optimize the organization and sharing of information. A small company can generate a tremendous amount of knowledge, which can get chaotic much too soon.

According to research from McKinsey, the typical employee spends 20% of their time looking for internal information or tracking down teammates to help with specific tasks. However, they also found that the use of a social technology can slash this time and raise productivity levels by 20 to 25 percent. 

So, if you’re vetting intranet vendors and are looking for the top solution when it comes to organizing your files in a single place, we’ve rounded up the top intranet document management features that you should be on the lookout for. 

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15 HR Tech must-reads from January 2021

After a holiday break, we’re back with the best reads across the HR blogosphere from January. We’re always scouring the net for the best new insights that keep us on the forefront of HR Tech. 

Highlights from this month’s round-up include:

  • Recruiting trends that will stick around after COVID.
  • Survey data about salary transparency.
  • The growing impact of data in HR.

Keep scrolling for all that and more!

  • Ever consider that premium content could change how we learn? Johnny Campbell, CEO of Social Talent, likens the future of learning and development strategies to services like Netflix and Peloton in a recent blog post. 
  • Lars Schmidt shares some advice for building a career as an HR operator on eightfold.ai’s blog. He shares ten helpful tips for any HR practitioner, including prioritizing learning and building a good reputation. 
  • Liz Lewis shares findings from a recent Indeed survey, concluding that salary transparency and
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5 Reasons Why Text Recruiting is the Present – and the Future

The average attention span of any millennial is about 8 seconds. With millennials being the fastest-growing group of candidates, it’s important for recruiters to communicate on the same wavelength.

93% of millennials own a smartphone and spend a lot of time checking their texts and social media. This makes a great opportunity for recruiters to reach these candidates – and future generations.

Text recruiting is hot in the recruiting space for this reason and will continue to grow in popularity due to its efficiency and usefulness.

Let’s take a look at why text recruiting is a must-have for every recruiting strategy.

It’s fast, easy, and convenient

The convenience and accessibility that text recruiting provides are unparalleled. Text recruiting provides an avenue of communication on the go, meaning recruiters and candidates can stay engaged at any time, and from anywhere. Recruiters can share and promote new job opportunities within seconds, and … Read more