How to Buy HR Tech: Sales Leaders’ Advice

Buying new software for your HR tech stack is difficult. From discovering a need to vetting vendors to making a final decision, there are a lot of bumps in the road that can lead to costly mistakes. 

When buying new HR software, there is typically a sales person on the opposite side of the Zoom.  While these folks are incentivized to sell us, many of them are actually great resources on the industry and landscape of solutions.

We realized that sales people have a bit of insider knowledge as they see things from the vendor side.  And, they get to see the processes that a lot of HR practitioners go through to buy software.

With that in mind, we asked salespeople across the HR vendor ecosystem how HR practitioners can improve their process of finding/vetting/buying tools and software. In no particular order, here are our favorite pieces of advice:


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The Upsides of a Private Equity Job

For people looking to work in finance, careers in private equity are a popular option. The chance to work closely with companies, evaluate investment and acquisition targets, learn closely about how businesses function, and earn great salaries in a prestigious, high-flying profession attracts the best candidates each year. These flock to apply to leading US private equity firms and elsewhere in the world, though only a few make it through to their dream job every year. 

Here are the top reasons that attract people to private equity jobs: 

A prestigious job 

Private equity careers take you to the top of the finance sector, as they are highly prestigious. Professionals are part of management boards, they look across countries and sectors for large companies to buy and sell, and they offer advice and coaching to CEOs. The good PE firms take on very few people every year, and those hires tend … Read more

Most Common HR Tech Vendor Lies

We all know the stereotype of the used car salesman who’s willing to say whatever it takes to sell you a car. They’re even willing to give you a special price, because they like you and you have nice smile. (Side note, if you haven’t listened to the episode of This American Life about a car dealership on Long Island, it’s highly recommended).

While the world of enterprise SaaS sales is a bit more legit, there is still a level of subterfuge that happens. We thought it was important to showcase these common pitfalls as they can really hurt your buying experience.

HR Tech Lies

Every week, we do a ton of demos to better understand the HR Tech landscape. We’re lucking in that many times we get to speak to the head of sales, marketing, product, or the CEO of the company. They want to put their best … Read more

10 Virtual Recruiting Platforms to Enhance Your Campus Recruiting Process

As a campus recruiter, you’re well-versed in the context of an ever-changing landscape, and yes, things are very much changing. Oh don’t get us wrong: the fundamentals of engaging top university candidates aren’t going anywhere, but with the tech-savvy Millennials and Gen Z reshaping the work world, your technical toolbox needs to be sharpened.

If you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to see the hiring process refine itself (yep, we’re great believers of the modern adage of working smarter, and not just harder for its own sake).

Whether you’re sourcing for candidates online, conducting fieldwork at a career fair or prepping for a promising follow-up, here are 10 on-campus recruiting platforms to be excited about in 2020.

Let’s dig in by category:

Online Sourcing

Photo source: Screenshot from CalPolyPomona

First up, let’s check out Portfolium, a leading e-portfolio network for students to showcase their academic work, projects and … Read more

HR Tech Trends in 2021

2021 will be an interesting year that may just be as unpredictable as 2020.  However, using the search data from our site, we can be reasonably accurate with a few predictions that should come true in the coming year.

Plus, it’s always fun to make predictions 🙂

If you want, you can watch the video version of this here.

Virtual Hiring

Of course, it comes as little surprise that virtual and remote hiring continue to be priorities for many companies.  We saw a massive spike in the number of searches for virtual hiring tools on our site in March 2020, with video interviewing tech’s demand increasing 524% in one week alone!

The immediate need to hire when you can’t meet in person meant a massive rush to adopt these solutions while the rest of HR Tech was mostly put on hold.  However, since this initial spike, we’ve seen the … Read more