29 Best Books on Recruitment (MUST Read Resources for Recruiters)

Continuous learning is paramount to your growth as a recruiting specialist. That’s why we have spent hundreds of hours going through lists of must-read books on recruitment, looking at reviews, recommendations, ratings, and excerpts to shortlist the best ones for you.

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Compiling This List

We considered the following factors for each of our picks:

  • The book’s history
  • University recommendations
  • The author’s background
  • Key points made
  • The ideal knowledge beneficiary
  • Available formats
  • The book’s ratings
  • Quotes from the book

Let’s take a look at our findings.

10 Best Books on Recruitment Tech

1. Talent Management Systems: Best Practices in Technology Solutions for Recruitment, Retention and Workforce Planning

Talent Management Systems was published in 2004 and is written by Allan Schweyer, a well-known author and the co-founder of DEI360, a diversity and … Read more


First it was The Great Resignation. Then came Quiet Quitting. That’s the latest career trend circulating on social media.


What it means depends on who you ask. For some, it’s a way of keeping your perspective, so your job won’t take over the rest of your life.


Others see a darker side. They say it’s a sign of being disengaged at work, and it’s more like a case of how your negative attitude impacts your career and society. More than half of American workers say they’re doing the minimum to meet their job description. According to Gallup’s Poll State of the Global Workplace: 2022 Report the majority of the U.S. workforce (65%) is not engaged.


Is there a middle ground between being a workaholic and just going through the motions? Learn more about what Quiet Quitting could mean for you.


Maintaining Balance

You need a personal life for the Read more


Sometimes, you may wonder why your job search efforts are not producing results as fast as you expected. Though the competition may be fierce, never lose sight of the fact that there is a fulfilling job waiting for you. It’s a question of finding it.
In the past, I wrote about what employers want to see in a resume. Today, I am writing to reiterate that what every Hiring Manager looks for in job seekers is another important list of characteristics and qualifications. It is crucial to learn what these qualifications and characteristics are and implement your findings for significant changes in the results of your job search efforts. 

Important characteristics every employer seeks

DILIGENCEA prospective employer needs to be sure that you are committed and capable of fulfilling the functions listed on the job description. Hiring is a costly process and employers are expected to select
Read more

Resume Redactor to Mask Resumes for Workplace Diversity

Hiding personal identifiable information from resumes may reduce recruitment bias and add diversity to your hiring process. RChilli resume redactor helps you in masking resumes and can lead to a diverse and strong workforce.

The 5 key benefits of anonymizing resumes

When an organization mask resumes, the TA teams will focus on relevant hiring parameters and ignore personal information like gender, name, race, or sexual orientation that can cause prejudice.

Masking resumes with the help of RChilli Resume Redactor can lead to a diverse and strong workforce. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Mitigate bias

As the name implies, “unconscious bias” means we all have biases that we are unaware of, which can influence our hiring decisions. Unconscious bias can lead to discrimination despite our best foot forward to eliminate it.  Therefore, the first step towards better hiring is hiding candidates’ details, which can significantly lower the risk of prejudice.Read more

Employee Experience: What It Is, Useful Metrics, and HR Tech You Need to Track It

One of the most talked about things in HR right now is employee experience. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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Defining Employee Experience

Qualtrics defines employee experience as everything a worker learns, does, sees, and feels at each stage of the employee lifecycle. That’s pretty all-encompassing! Simply put, employee experience is how workers interact with your company, perform their tasks, and the value they perceive is gained and contributed from working there.

It’s not too hard to imagine, then, why employee experience is important. A good employee experience has, in fact, been deemed “the most promising competitive advantage that organizations can create” by Jacob Morgan. Employee experience is one of those things that distinguishes the good from the great.

Still, with such an enormous and … Read more