5 Habits of Successful Employee Management [Expert Tips]

Being a team lead always brings you major responsibilities. If you too manage a team or department, you know the importance of team management and retention very well.

What exactly is Employee management?

Employee management involves a set of practices, which helps employees perform better at workplace with minimum difficulties. The duties include talent hiring, onboarding, payroll, attendance management, retirement, and so on.

The effectiveness of employee management depends on the individual. Different managers have different mindset. The abilities include motivation, communication, rewarding, empowerment, etc.

Successful employee/ workforce management not only consists of old traditional tricks, but there are certain practices that help you succeed in effective employee engagement and retention.

This blog reads out 5 popular habits of successful employee management. They are as follows:

Avoid micromanagement

Micromanagement is like a cancer to the business. There’s nothing worse than a micro-manager at organisation. It brings bad vibes like transparency Read more


The job of a recruiter is hectic and he spends the whole day in shortlisting, arranging & taking interviews, onboarding process and much more. And when the recruiter has to hire multiple employees for various domains, then every minute for the recruiter is important. Most of the recruiter’s lack of time management skill and this affects their whole recruitment process. This problem arises when the recruiter has less experience but don’t worry here are the tips to help the recruiters to manage their time effectively and making the talent acquisition less stressful. 

  • Plan your day in advance 

As a recruiter, you need to prioritize the tasks in advance. To make this work effectively you can create three lists of the tasks, the first list should consist of the main tasks, the second list should have tasks that can wait and the third list should have minor items that could be Read more