How to write a great job description!!

How to write a great job description

It’s All In The Name – Your first challenge is to get a top candidate to click on your job posting from a large, mind-numbing, and repetitive list of startling similar jobs. Research shows that job seekers click on jobs based on the name and reputation of the posting company and the job title. You can’t do much about your company name…but you sure can spice up your job title. Add action to your title that speaks directly to the opportunity the job offers.

Focus on Achievement – Studies indicate that the opportunity for advancement and interesting work is significantly higher drivers for job candidates than compensation. Make your positions attractive by describing what individuals can hope to accomplish in their new job.

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Stellar (XLM) Price Prediction: XLM Is Trading Under Depression

Stellar (XLM) Price Prediction – May 23
Variant trading activities have been taking place between the XLM/USD buyers and sellers to showcase the base crypto’s valuation is trading under depression against its US coin’s purchasing strength. Less-active move in the trade has made its operations bargain around $0.13 at a 2.95 negative percentage rate.

Stellar (XLM) Price Statistics:
XLM price now – $0.1298
XLM market cap – $3.2 billion
XLM circulating supply – 24.9 billion
XLM total supply – 50 billion
Coinmarketcap ranking – #28

XLM/USD Market
Key Levels:
Resistance levels: $0.15, $0.20, $0.25
Support levels: $0.10, $0.075, $0.05
XLM/USD – Daily Chart
The daily chart reveals the Stellar (XLM) market’s valuation is trading under depression as paired against the trade worth of the US currency. There has been less volatility in the trade, hence the having smaller candlesticks of price movements over several sessions until the present. The 14-day … Read more

How Businesses Can Tackle the Cost of Living Crisis

nflation levels in Britain have reached 7% – the fastest growth in prices in nearly 40 years. Petrol prices have risen by 12.6p per litre in the space of one month (from February to March), household bills are soaring, and food costs are expected to increase by up to 15% this year. For businesses, the rate of VAT – which is the tax paid when purchasing services or goods – is going up too.

As well as heightened product and energy expenses, over one in four companies has experienced some sort of supply chain disruption in the past months. Not only that but many businesses have also witnessed higher transport costs, new custom duties, and a lot more paperwork.

So what measures can you take to tackle the existing inflation? Here, we explore some tips on how businesses can confront the rising living costs and keep operating with confidence.  


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Bitcoin Price Prediction for Today, May 23: BTC Could Hit $32,000 Level

The Bitcoin price prediction shows that BTC bounces off the support at $29,211 as the coin moves close to the resistance level of $31,000.

Bitcoin Prediction Statistics Data:

Bitcoin price now – $30,371

Bitcoin market cap – $577.2 billion

Bitcoin circulating supply – 19.0 million

Bitcoin total supply – 19.0 million

Bitcoin Coinmarketcap ranking – #1

BTC/USD Long-term Trend: Ranging (Daily Chart)

Key levels:

Resistance Levels: $36,000, $38,000, $40,000

Support Levels: $24,000, $22,000, $20,000

BTCUSD – Daily Chart

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BTC/USD is currently trading around $30,371 with a 0.37% gain above the 9-day moving average. The Bitcoin price may fight to stay above the important level of $31,000 as it could move to cross above the 21-day moving average. However, for BTC/USD to remain above this barrier, the bulls may need to make the $30,000 support level to be strong.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Bitcoin (BTC) May Revisit the Upside

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The ​STAR method interview questions have long been used by recruiters and employers alike. Learning the formula helps to articulate accomplishments in a resume or LinkedIn profile or answer the question “TELL ME ABOUT A TIME WHEN YOU…” in an interview.

Below is an overview of the STAR formula, where and when to use the STAR formula, how to create your own STAR story, 18 examples to create STAR stories, and a fill-in-the-blanks exercise to capture the information in the STAR formula to create STAR stories.

Articulating Your Accomplishments
Being able to articulate your accomplishments and your ability to handle challenges is important in your job search. Having a format to structure your responses makes it easier to create compelling career stories to:
  • Demonstrate your capability to tackle tough situations. (Past performance can be a strong indicator of future success.)
  • Quantify
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