How To Invigorate Workspaces And Improve Your Office

There’s no doubt that the global pandemic changed the nature of office working. In fact, according to data collected on Indeed, hybrid working is more popular than ever, as year-on-year searches have increased by 6531% between April 2021-2022. 


To make sure your workers are excited to spend time in the office, think about the ways you can invigorate your workspace. Here are five ways to do this.


Decorate with comforting touches

To invigorate your workspace, consider reimaging the interior design of traditional offices. Instead of conforming to professional aesthetics, such as uniform desks and minimalistic designs, you can incorporate comforting touches.


These might be anything from plush furnishings to inviting plants and even a splash of colourful paint. In other words, you can create a space your employees look forward to spending time in, creating a positive environment for your staff.


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How Self Investment Can Help You Excel In Your Role

Investing in yourself can’t possibly have a negative outcome. Through an abundance of ways, you are ultimately improving your life without consequences.

However, there are many ways to improve yourself, and it can be challenging to find where to start or what is truly going to help you on your journey.

Here, we delve into several ways to invest in yourself and how they can benefit you.

Boost your confidence

Confidence is a quality trait to have and is key for thriving in all areas of life, like your career. However, investing in yourself is crucial to reach your maximum confidence potential.

Boosting your self-esteem by putting some time into yourself doesn’t need to be complex. It could be anything from having a pamper day at the weekend to unwind or simply dressing up for work and putting your best pair of ankle boots on – the compliments are bound … Read more

How To Make An Impact To Your Business

It’s no secret that print is a successful marketing strategy. So much so, according to research from WARC, 70% of consumers feel valued when receiving direct mail. This works towards your goal of creating a positive association between your customers and brand.


Here, we’ll explore some of the ways your business can create print marketing that stands out from the crowd.


Incorporate print and digital marketing strategies

We’re living in the technological age. Digital marketing, therefore, is always going to be an important element of your business strategies. But this doesn’t render print marketing invaluable! In fact, incorporating both marketing strategies is effective and impressive.


Print and digital may seem as though they’re from different worlds, but you can enrich the customer experience by combining both. So much so, one study found that 84% of direct mail respondents interacted with online brands after scanning QR codes on print marketing.


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Why the Customer Journey Should Be a Continuous Process

For many businesses, the customer journey stops once the ink has dried on a contract or a purchase has been made. But market leaders know that in order to retain current clients and attract new ones, their journey with your business must be a continuous process.

Once a prospect turns into a customer – whether they’re contracted to your business or they make infrequent purchases – you need to retain them and ensure they become loyal to your brand. Key to achieving this is by delivering an outstanding experience.

Here, Janine Hunt, client partnership director at customer service expert Kura, discusses why a continuous good experience is so important and how you can deliver an experience that makes sure your customers aren’t poached by competitors.

The state of brand loyalty in the UK

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The Future of Warehousing: Automation, Robotics, and Energy Efficiency

The rise of e-commerce is underway and impacting our highstreets – even before the rise of Covid-19. Due to the pandemic, the shift from physical shops towards online spending has accelerated by an average of five years. In 2020, 87% of UK households made purchases online and recent statistics show that 70% now prefer it. Now, E-commerce is booming, and it is a trend that is here to stay, with online retail spending in the UK expected to reach £75 billion by 2024.


So, what does this transition towards digital spending mean logistically for businesses? The race is now on for retailers and third-party logistics (3PL) providers to secure more warehouse space and capture a share in this growing market. As is stands, warehouse space has already increase by 73% since Covid-19 restrictions began in March 2019. In addition to this, Brexit also played a role in companies bringing their … Read more