Fresh Tech Fridays: New HR Tech to Check Out in November

Fresh Tech Fridays is back! This is where we profile new companies in the HR Tech world that should be on your radar, in addition to the latest product launches from the best software companies in the world of Work Tech.

The new innovations in HR Tech address responses to the current recruiting climate. From talent acquisition to onboarding, and in no particular order, these new technologies have you covered.

Entromy: Organizational health assessments via next generation collaborative survey platform

Entromy is a next generation assessment platform that enables executives to understand organizational network dynamics through collaborative surveys. Our technology uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to tap into unstructured comments and data in real-time. Combined with added context from organizational network analysis, our assessments reduce the time and resource requirements to complete comprehensive organizational assessments and provide more in-depth insights than traditional survey platforms.

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Scouted: Internal Candidate Reviews

Scouted is the next level of candidate screening. Scouted identifies which applicants know your employees and alerts you in Slack. You can ping employees who might know your candidate or automate the workflow. Scouted integrates with Greenhouse ATS and has more integrations coming soon.

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AI Voice Interviewer by Curious Thing

Screenshot of Curious Thing Candidate Assessment

Curious Thing is a AI Voice Interviewer that uses advanced people analytics to interview all candidates at scale. On-demand, phone interviews assess behavioral attributes and provide benchmarkable data to talent acquisition teams.

Learn more about Curious Thing Online activities for remote teams is innovating remote team building by curating online live activities for companies and distributed teams around the globe. is especially focused on having a great team-building experience that does not feel like conventional happy hour, but rather a dynamic experience with a live host.

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Native Apply Process powered by Jobsync

JobSync connects the Talent Acquisition ecosystem, reducing friction, enabling automation in the HR tech stack for candidates, recruiters, employers, and vendors.  By using the JobSync platform, employers are able to connect the services throughout the stack of Talent Acquisition technologies, from Job Sites at the start of the hiring process, to the engagement, selection, and hiring systems used to manage source, interview, and hire new employees.

The JobSync Native Apply feature connects ATS’s and CRMS with Job Sites and Social Media destinations.  Candidates are able to fully apply for a job at the job site.  No more clicking off to then have to create an ATS account and re-enter info they’ve already provide at the Job Site.  All data (profile, application and source attribution) is posted back to the ATS.  Reducing the friction drives higher conversion rates, increases the velocity of the flow and the quality of the candidate received and improves the efficiency and productivity of the Recruiters.

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Rejobify: Rejecting candidates with empathy

Rejobify is a rejection email service that allows employers to offer free job search advice and resources to those they cannot hire. Embedded within their existing email rejection template, it is a set it and forget it solution that allows them to reject candidates with empathy to create a positive candidate experience.

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MeBeBot, Inc.

MeBeBot is the one-stop bot, like “Siri, Google, or Alexa,” for the workplace. Our Intelligent Assistant seamlessly integrates to Microsoft Teams, Slack or web chat to automate answers to employees’ frequently asked HR, IT and Ops questions. Our customer portal contains a knowledge base of hundreds of HR, IT and Ops questions and our AI Platform includes a dashboard with real-time usage data and insights, with managed services to ensure accuracy of answers to drive employee adoption. MeBeBot’s vision is to automate tedious workflows and administrative processes, while providing insights, using predictive analytics to drive the human capital health of the organization.

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Video Questions by myInterview

Video Questions allows you to send a video of yourself asking an interview question, instead of a typed out message.
When creating a job interview, you can choose which questions you’d like to be accompanied with a video of you and your team asking them. Simply upload a link from Youtube, Vimeo, or Dropbox or upload a saved video from your computer.
This shows candidates a more personal side to your team and gives them a taste of your company culture. It’s the ultimate way to improve your branding and create an exciting candidate experience.

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That’s it – What should we feature next month?

We love learning about and featuring up and coming startups in the HR Tech ecosystem along with some of the more interesting modules from the more established vendors. Our industry is evolving so quickly, and it’s really inspiring to see the innovation coming out of our space. Whether it’s a new take on an HRIS system, AI recruiting, or something totally new, if you know a company that should be featured next month, send us a note!

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