Guardian business Christmas quiz 2020

Do you know your Tesla from your Arcadia? Then test your 2020 business knowledge here with our annual quiz …

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Which famous US singer helped fund the development of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine with a $1m donation?

Miley Cyrus

Snoop Dogg

Dolly Parton

Rishi Sunak grabbed the headlines in July after the Treasury released photographs of the chancellor preparing for his summer economic update, with something expensive on his desk. What was it?

A bronze bust of Margaret Thatcher

A Byron burger takeaway

A “smart mug” costing £180

A number of household names have killed off long-running catalogues this year but which retailer will still be printing its traditional shopping guide in 2021?




The coronavirus pandemic has plunged Britain’s economy into one of the deepest recessions in history, with a decline in gross domestic product (GDP) of 11.3{998ff540fe94a59c7c9828c4dd5223100610db67cea90947d11644c77e05f5f4} forecast for this year. When did the economy last shrink by more?

1709 – The Great Frost

1815 – End of the Napoleonic wars

1918 – End of the first world war

How much beer was pubs forced to pour down the drain due to coronavirus restrictions, according to the British Beer & Pubs Association?

70m pints

70m barrels

70 Olympic-sized swimming pools

Matthew Moulding, the founder of the Hut Group, will receive one of the biggest UK corporate payouts in history, after the online retail technology company listed in September. What was the Hut Group’s first successful line of business?

Selling makeup to teenagers

Selling cheap tax-free CDs from Guernsey

Delivering books from Moulding’s garage

Tesla entrepreneur Elon Musk said the brain of which animal had been implanted with a computer chip, as part of his Neuralink venture?

Harriet the sheep

Gertrude the pig

Frances the rat

Leaked internal emails between employees working on the Boeing 737 Max said the aircraft had been designed by:

Rocket scientists


A team of former pilots

Where does the UK’s richest person live?

Buckingham Palace

One Hyde Park


Which boss described their company’s workers as “the new rock stars”?

David Potts, chief executive of Morrisons

Pascal Soriot, chief executive of AstraZeneca

Will Shu, chief executive of Deliveroo

Why are cauliflowers hard to harvest for robots, according to the Plymouth University spin-out Fieldwork Robotics, which is developing a robot picker?

The leaves that curl up over the head make it much harder for a robot to determine the ripeness

Cauliflowers are too big to grip for normal robot arms

Cauliflowers are firmly stuck in the ground and hard to extract

Regina nine-pack toilet rolls have an RRP of £2.49. In March, an eBay seller was selling dozens of the packs at what price?




In September a Scottish investment firm was revealed as having made £13bn from the shares of which company?




Between April and June, at the height of the first lockdown, the number of people claiming on their car insurance fell, but by how much, according to the Association of British Insurers?




Which British day trader was sentenced to one year of home incarceration in January, returning him to the childhood home in Hounslow where his crimes were committed and where he lives with his parents?

Navinder Singh Sarao

Kweku Adoboli

Nick Leeson

Who made millions of dollars when the music label Big Hit Entertainment floated on the stock market?

Actor and investor Ashton Kutcher

K-pop band BTS

“Sage of Omaha” Warren Buffett

What does Judy Shelton, Donald Trump’s nominee for the Federal Reserve, want to reintroduce in America?

The Gold Standard

The “Eagle” $10 gold coin

Snake eagles

What climate initiative did Donald Trump support at Davos this year?

Rolling out 1m electric charging points

Installing 1bn solar panels

Planting 1tn trees

Which British heritage firm returned to profit in its 2020 half-year results after several years of losses, thanks to renewed interest in their products during lockdown?

Fashion brand Mulberry

Toymaker Hornby

Carmaker Aston Martin

Consumers trying to take advantage of Christmas deals temporarily crashed a company’s website in November – whose was it?


Naked Wines


Drinks giant Diageo recalled its alcohol-free Guinness 0.0 in November, just two weeks after launch in the UK, because:

It contained alcohol

There were design faults with the ringpull

There was evidence of contamination and the possible presence of mould

Sir Jony Ive, the lead designer of the iPhone, iPad and iMac, left Apple last year. With which company is he now collaborating?




Lego said its plans to start phasing out single-use plastic bags used to package loose bricks in boxes from early next year had been accelerated due to pressure from whom?

Sir David Attenborough

Lego’s millions of young fans across the world

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

This year’s final of Great British Bake Off proved the biggest ratings winner for Channel 4 for 35 years. What show, aired in 1985, was bigger?

A Woman of Substance

The finale of MASH


Who has made the most money since the start of the coronavirus pandemic?

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Tesla’s Elon Musk

Microsoft’s Bill Gates

21 and above.

Wow! With thinking that fast, you’ll be richer than Elon Musk soon

12 and above.

Not bad! You’re charging ahead faster than a Tesla Model S

6 and above.

You’re not really trying – maybe you need a drive to test your eyesight

0 and above.

Have you been self-isolating all year? Your score is unhealthier than Boris Johnson’s cabinet

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