How Digital Marketing can Benefit Recruiters (Complete Guide)

The rapid evolution in technology and tools has made the market widely tech-driven. Companies are successfully utilizing this change to device proper digital marketing strategies for upgrading their business.

The digital marketing industry is on the rise. Companies are largely looking for effective ways to implement various marketing tools. The goal is to effectively connect and engage a wider target audience. If you belong to the recruitment industry, chances are you have already developed your preference for Digital Marketing and adopted the same.

According to Internet Live Stats, there are currently 4.129 billion internet users globally and that figure is continuously upward. So, if you properly cater to your target audience online victory stand is all yours.

With the help of inbound marketing companies can not only attract customers but also rope in qualified candidates. In this article, we will tell you more about the benefits of digital marketing for recruiters and more.

What we mean by Digital Marketing for Recruitment

Before knowing what digital marketing recruitment is, it is important to understand the concept of recruitment marketing. Recruitment marketing is an essential part of the plan that recruiters use to identify and hire the right candidates.

However, ‘recruitment’ and ‘marketing’ are two different terms. The skill-set required for both is also different from each other.

Digital marketing for recruitment is quite similar to recruitment marketing. The only difference is here we use Digital Marketing best practices.

To become successful in digital marketing recruitment, one must have in-depth knowledge of digital marketing for sure. He/she should be aware of current job marketing trends and practices. Digital Marketing offers fast-performing, cheap and effective tools, and platforms to make recruitment easy.

The utility of Digital Marketing Recruitment

Once you master the concept of Recruitment Marketing, Digital Marketing for recruiters will be just another piece of cake. Here, we have mentioned some uses of digital marketing recruitment to yield the best results for your job.

1. The uniqueness of your brand

It’s 2020, and if you still do not have a brand or an identity, then you are missing out on a lot. Brand identity tells the world about the company’s persona. Creating and developing a unique and vital brand identity is important to help you stand out from the crowd of recruiters. Tell your prospective job applicants about who you are and what you are all about.

2. Importance of custom EVP (Employee Value Proposition)

Employees should have their own custom EVP for their target candidates. Digital marketing for recruiters helps such employees to lay down their prospective Employee Value Proposition before others. This should include the opportunities available, type of people, work environment, rewards, etc. served before potential employees

3. Boosted online presence

The digital marketing for recruiters must have a plan so as to build a strong online presence. Building a strong online presence requires a good amount of time. Therefore, planning should always be in motion.

4. Channelize a candidate pipeline

Attracting the “right candidate” for the “right role” is the recruitment process all about. Recruiters should focus on the interest of the candidates. The recruiters should have knowledge about where the expertise of candidates lies. Having a meaningful conversation or engagement with those candidates could help to generate quality leads.

5. Targeting with the ‘right’ campaign

With the help of digital marketing for recruiters, the company should lay down a powerful message among the target candidates. Creating a strategy that is not about a single job position but overall career-oriented growth of the candidates should be focused on.

How to utilize Digital Marketing for Recruitment

You have to make sure that others know that you are hiring. Posting a mere job vacancy will not do the needful. This is where the importance of digital marketing comes in.

1. Boosted social media posts

Organic reach helps your followers to know about the vacancy. But what if you want to go further? A simple boosted post will do the trick. By putting in some money on a Facebook post, you can boost such posts and also narrow down your target audience.

 2. Job Ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is primarily a job posting and searching platform. Recruiters are always on the lookout for hiring talented individuals. LinkedIn ads allow your ad to show to those candidates who fit the ideal job description. Creative and on-point ads are a must to attract the interest of such candidates.

3. Integrating website with Google

You can integrate your website with Google. This will make sure that your job listings are shown on Google search results. This is rather simple and it’ll make sure that your vacancy gets a little more exposure.

4. Instagram posting

Instagram has become quite a common platform for recruiters as well. You can post about the vacancy and also boost those posts for more reach and impressions.

What can you expect from Digital Marketing Recruitment?

No matter the size of the company, you can apply the above tactics to reach a larger audience. However, the goal of recruitment remains the same. You can expect:-

  • Attracting the right candidates
  • Attracting the right clients
  • Creating a unique brand
  • Making the recruitment process fast, easy, cheap, and flexible
  • Increasing the revenue and profits as such recruitment requires a small team

Matching your plan with your goals is necessary. Companies have an idea about what digital marketing is but they fail to develop and deploy a proper strategy.


As the world is becoming more digitalized, the approach to recruitment should change accordingly. It’s just that the goals are the same but the tools and tactics have advanced with the time.

Author – Sreya Sengupta is a content strategist of Internet Marketing School. With 5+ years of experience in social media and traditional advertising, Sreya is also an active Digital marketing enthusiast.

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