Is the Law on Your Side? How to Tell When Your Small Business Needs a Lawyer

Your small business can be your chance to achieve your dream. Unfortunately, you won’t reach your goals if you run into legal problems that you can’t get out of. However, how do you know when to reach out to a lawyer for your small business? Here is how to tell when your business needs a lawyer.

Getting Started

Starting a new business comes with legal stipulations. You may need particular licenses, permits, contracts, and insurance. If you’re new to the business world, you may not be completely sure what all you need to do to comply with local and federal laws. However, you are responsible for keeping yourself in compliance from the very beginning. Have a corporate lawyer, like those at the Carter West business law firm, look over all initial paperwork and contracts. You may also want to have a lawyer examine your work environment to ensure that it is up to code as well.


Commercial taxes get complicated. Tax problems can result in large fees and can be an unexpected hit to your corporate bank account. A lawyer familiar with taxes will be able to help you keep up with your taxes while also pointing out a number of tax exemptions you might not have been aware you could claim. You can avoid costly mistakes while also learning of money you didn’t know you could get back.

Employee Problems

As an employer, you have a certain responsibility to your employees. You need to provide a safe work environment and treat each employee with proper respect. However, that might not prevent all complaints. If an employee files a complaint against you, you are going to need a lawyer. Some of the most popular reasons a person might sue their former employer include:

  • Discrimination
  • Unsafe work conditions
  • Harassment
  • Wrongful termination

All cases should be taken seriously, and you should be prepared with a lawyer.


Accidents happen. You are responsible for minimizing the chance of an accident happening on your property. You can do this by cleaning spills, salting ice, removing hazards, and keeping things up to code in your office, store, or facility. Even then, an accident can still happen. If a customer or employee comes to you regarding a physical injury that occurred on your property, you are responsible. Your insurance will cover the costs to a certain degree, but you will need a lawyer to fight your case and negotiate the total payout.

Lawyers are an essential part of any small business that has employees or a physical store. Your lawyer will be well worth it when they help you through your next legal crisis.

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