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Pharmacist resumes must have information of your experience relevant to the position in a quick and clear format. You already know employers are only interested in a highly qualified pharmacist with a customer-friendly attitude.

Apart from highlighting your qualifications, contact information, experience etc, the following points will provide a hint on how to prepare the resume for a Pharmacist position.

  • A clear cut Profile or Summary section which shows your sense of direction to the employer. 
  • Use a resume and cover letter checklist. Your resume should have the accurate names of each of your employers and your corresponding job titles. 
  • Give a brief description about the employer, if they are not well known. 
  • Mention the number of staff that you manage (if applicable). 
  • List your educational qualifications with the name of the institution, city, state, degree, major, year awarded, and GPA. 
  • Learn how to quantify your accomplishments on your resume.

Use important keywords in your resume (i.e.: pharmacologydispensing and compoundingmedication therapypharmaceutical research, and in specialty areas like acute and critical careICUnuclear pharmaceuticals, and retail etc. 

Narrate some of the main reasons why you should be called for the interview. For example:

  • Thorough knowledge of drug distribution systems
  • Drug utilization evaluation
  • Complex equipment and delivery systems
  • Emerging medications
  • Inventory management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Licensed clinical pharmacist with acute care and hospital experience.
  • Serving and maintaining effective communication with the community to improve drug usage and therapeutic outcomes. 

Mention how you have reduced costs and saved money in your department or the organization in general.  Highlight any other achievements that have benefited your department and your organization in general.

Learn how to make your resume stand out. Below is a video of a sample Pharmacist CV for your review. ​

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