The Change Maestro’s Management Tip – When choosing a project to be undertaken, choose those that are leaning toward alignment with the corporate goals and mission

Your organization is presented with a problem, large or small, that is threatening to disrupt your process flow and the needs of your customer so how do you select the route forward/

First after selecting the makeup of the cross functional team members you need to review where you stand as an organization. Your empowered management has equipped you with a set of strategies, values, missions and goals. These are established based on the voice of the human capital assets.

However, there is a more critical factor in the selection of of project. Everything you do to resolve the problem must be aligned with those things you got from the empowered management. If you change the corporate culture and operating procedures because of the creation of the new normal you must realign them with the total organization.

When determining what you could do rather than should do in resolving a problem align them with the organizational goals. When you change a process because of the deletion of process obstacles align the process with the organizational mission, values, strategies and goals.

All the wishes and prayers in the world towards finding the correct solution to the problem will not be successful with out the second pillar of the TLS Continuum – Total alignment of the processes with the organization and the voice of the customer. We achieve that alignment through changing our managers to leaders, by our managers becoming transformational leaders, by educating and training the human capital assets to understand an down the processes, by eliminating organizational silos, Management coaching on the needs of the processes

Identify the problem, seek out projects that really lean towards resolving the problem but remember to align, realign and realign again the values, missions, strategies and goals to the organization and the continuous process improvement.

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