The Role of Softphones in Supporting Hybrid Workforces

A softphone is a cloud-based communication technology that allows users to make telephone calls over the internet. Computers or smartphones are used as mediums of communication. Softphones for business have all the features of a desk phone and typically expand the range of services that can have access on a desk phone.

Softphones for business can work with WebRTC (Web Real-time Communications) which is an open-source standard that a business can embed into web-based applications with the same contact center features for inbound as well as outbound calls. It is very suitable for a remote workforce that is a necessity for hybrid workforces. The solution can be installed on any laptop or desktop or mobile device. The MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) aids businesses in switching from on-premise to cloud for inbound and outbound calls through the internet with the same contact center features. It supports working without the use of mobile or fixed telephone lines that offers high-quality audio communication that significantly improves workforce productivity.

VoIP service with softphone sends voice data to the recipients that use the same pathways that email sends words and photographs. The data can be broken into segments and converted into binary codes through a piece of software that is known as a codec.

 The hybrid workforce model mixes in-office and remote work to offer flexibility and support to the employees. The employees in a hybrid workplace are offered more autonomy and better work-life balance that provides more engagement. The increasing demand for an efficient hybrid workforce demands building a productive, healthy, stable workspace for the business and the agents. Softphones for business support a hybrid workforce to work effectively and deliver high-quality customer services.

The roles of softphones for business in supporting hybrid workforces are:

  1. Address customer issues in real-time: Softphone services enable video conferencing and instant messaging. It can be installed on any portable device; this helps in increasing an organization’s flexibility in communication, enabling employees to work from any place. Softphones notify users of incoming calls and messages in real-time. This significantly reduces the wait time for customer callers. It also ensures that a business agent executive can immediately address and resolve any customer issue. Softphones help to offer information related to the user’s presence status in real-time by displaying which executive is available to take calls. On the other hand, it also informs the agents if a customer is available to take calls.

This feature supports hybrid as communication can be successfully conducted without any interruption. It helps a business to deliver service to the customers and also offers a balanced work environment.

  1. Remote working without extra investment: Softphone allows a business to work remotely without investing anything extra in infrastructure. Cloud communication has become critical for modern businesses that have fruitfully replaced the traditional infrastructure that occupied space and other resources. With modern technology, business operation is becoming easy, and adding multiple communication channels to the workforce have become even easier.

VoIP service with softphone keep customer executives committed to their customers, irrespective of any location or device. A business link in the mobile application can be used to make and receive calls from the agent’s number. An agent can work remotely and yet offer the highest professional and quality service from any office space. VoIP service with softphone provides organizations with the flexibility to onboard a remote workforce. Hybrid offices can be easily balanced and communication can be streamlined by building a collaborative work culture.

  1. Generating more employment opportunities: With a softphone solution; a business can offer both remote and on-premise working culture. It helps a business to support the convenience of the agents for working. It can also aid in generating more employment opportunities where people can work remotely and offer excellence in business growth. This feature helps a business to invest more in the agents rather than maintaining a workplace and infrastructure. It does not hindrance in the agent’s working.

Softphone is an advanced communication technology that balances the needs of the growing complexities of the hybrid workforce.  It eases the service delivery mechanisms that help a business to establish itself in the market with a stable branding value.  It supports workforce of any size.

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