This Fully-Remote Accelerator is Run by One of Y Combinator’s Youngest Grads

Welcome to episode 56 of Inc.‘s Founders Project with Alexa Von Tobel podcast, where we bring you stories of the entrepreneurs building the future. Listen to the tales of guts, inspiration, and drive that define the people and companies at the forefront of technology. Each week, we dig into a founder’s professional playbook–and uncover what makes them tick.

When Daniel Gross was 18, he traveled from Jerusalem to Silicon Valley to join Y Combinator. In just a few short years, his search engine startup, Cue, was acquired by Apple. Now, he’s at the helm of Pioneer, a fully-remote accelerator that backs unconventional startups from around the world–no matter the founder’s zip code. Gross shares why community is critical for business-building, what it means to be a company born online, and why he thinks space will fuel the next decade of innovation.

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