Tips to Attract Top Engineers

After working for decades in the recruitment industry, I have always been worried about bringing in the perfect candidate for my organization. And still, it is a big concern to me. I believe it is not possible to build a great team without great people. 

Somewhere I read one quote from Steve Jobs. It says: “I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was 50 or 100 to 1. Given that, you’re well-advised to go after the cream of the cream … A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.”

You might have heard the phrase that ‘recruiters should never stop recruiting.’ Undoubtedly this is true, especially when hiring engineers is incredibly hard. Therefore, I thought I should write about my experience and share my tips with you. I believe my experience will help you learn how to recruit great engineers. 

Here in this blog, I am sharing a few tips I used while hiring. Let’s have a look. 

Effective Use of Candidate Sourcing: 

We all know that recruiting is ultimately a number game. I believe relying only on the source is something that you should not do. Don’t you feel that there are higher chances that you might miss out on the perfect candidate available from other sources? Social media platforms can save HR professionals from missing out on candidates. Today platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., have gained popularity as a social platform that identifies talents from the market and helps recruiters to recruit. Recruiters can easily use these platforms for advertising their jobs by sharing them on the platform. Through these social platforms, recruiters can closely examine the potential candidate’s profiles.  

Provide Relevant Content to Attract Engineers:

If you want to hire creative people, you have to be creative with the ideas you’d approach them. Take the help of the content writing team and provide better content for your potential candidates to read. Write about your organization and especially about your product’s unique features that can attract the top talent. 

Write Creative Job Ads:

Writing creative job ads is the first step to hiring a potential candidate. The clearer and louder you describe a job profile requirement, the more perfect applicants will get attracted to your organization. A well-written job description is an excellent communication tool that allows both employees and applicants to understand the challenges and experience required by the candidate for the role. Also, provide a brief introduction about the mission and the values of the company. And make sure to give a deadline to the candidates so that they can apply on time because creating an urgency will always help recruiters fill the position quickly. 

Use the Employee Referral Program:

Employee referral has gained popularity and become a buzz word in the recruiting industry. However, I believe employee referral is not an easy strategy to implement. It is a program that takes a lot of time and effort. So, do you really feel it is worth it? A big yes from my end because I think that the current employees know what skill, qualification, etc., their organization is looking for in the candidate. Getting referrals from your current employees means you get a quality candidate for your organization. This will save time for recruiters.

Involve Technology in Screening Process:

We all know technology is the backbone of a successful business. If you depend on traditional recruitment methods, you will land up hiring either the wrong fit, or your job position will remain open because you won’t find the perfect candidate. It’s time to make your lives easier. Invest in technology like resume parsing software that suits your requirements. It extracts resume information in data fields, which makes sorting out resumes easily. Bid adieu to long working hours you waste on reading each resume and considering if it is right for your job position. It is the perfect way to streamline your recruitment process. With the help of a resume parser, recruiters can provide an amazing candidate experience. The candidates only have to upload their resume while the fields will be automatically populated. 


Attracting an excellent engineer is just one aspect of building a great engineering team. Undoubtedly hiring engineers is tricky for recruiters. Before planning for the next hire for engineers, keep these points in mind to get remarkable results.  

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