Top 5 High Paying Blockchain Jobs

Blockchain is one of those technologies that emerge once in 100 years and revolutionize the industry or at least do something of that sort. The internet did the same in the ’90s. After the internet came into existence, the world became much smaller than imagined. Blockchain technology is doing the same but along different lines. The lack of transparency in the industry and monopolistic control over data is a deterrent in optimizing the efficiency of business operations and limits innovation.  

Blockchain technology changes all that. The industry is quick to realize this, resulting in the fast-paced adoption of the technology. According to Statista, the industry is expected to spend as much as $15.9 billion by 2023. Naturally, the demand for blockchain development professionals is increasing, as the demand for web developers did in the 1990s.  

 The technology presents an opportunity for job seekers and tech-savvy individuals to start a career in development. Blockchain development career offers some of the highest paying job opportunities. 

 The following article presents a few roles that are high in demand and offer high salaries. Consequently, blockchain certification and courses have grown in demand.  

Let’s explore the opportunities.  

  1. Crypto Community Manager 

 Cryptocurrencies share a large part of the blockchain ecosystem. Companies are looking for professionals who possess a comprehensive understanding of cryptocurrencies and can manage a community of cryptocurrency users. Typically, cryptocurrency exchanges hire for this role, where the professionals can contribute by answering client queries and build and grow blockchain communities.  

  1. Blockchain Software Engineer 

 Blockchain software engineer design and develop protocols that define a blockchain network. They build Dapps (Decentralized apps), smart contracts, and other blockchain-based applications. 

 This requires them to have an in-depth understanding of consensus algorithms, cryptography, and more. Strong knowledge of computer science and programming. 

  1. Risk Analyst 

 Risk analysts work in collaboration with the government and other external agencies to ensure compliance. They also work in collaboration with the product development team, engineering, and other teams to assess any risks associated with the launch and use of blockchain-based products. Usually, the risks analysts are expected to have market research experience, extensive knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem, proficiency in excel.  

  1. Front-end Developer 

 UX/UI is important for any mobile app or a website. Dapps (decentralized) or any blockchain-based apps are no different. A blockchain front-end developer builds and maintains a user interface of the app. You will need to use PS, Sketch, and Figma to design a unique UI design. Besides, you will need to know good communication skills and UI/UX to work in collaboration with marketing, content, and operations teams.  

  1. Blockchain Product Manager 

 A product manager is responsible for building products to keep the needs of the customer in mind. They work in collaboration with engineering and marketing teams to build products that fit the needs of the customer and drives acquisition and customer retention. A product manager is expected to be well-versed in user engagement metrics and should have the ability to understand the customer needs with an equal focus on driving business results. In the context of blockchain product development, a product manager should be well-versed in the nitty-gritty of the technology to deliver products and how to make it stick with customers. Traditional product managers can take blockchain certifications to equip themselves with the knowledge of blockchain technology.  

Now if you’re aiming for a fast-growth blockchain job, aim for one of the above five roles.

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