Watch: Drybar’s Alli Webb on Building Brands to Surprise and Delight Customers

Allí Webb is no stranger to uncertain times. 

A decade ago, the former hairstylist took a big gamble on a novel business idea: salons focused exclusively on blowouts. Today, Drybar has more than 100 salons and a line of products. Webb recently added a second venture to the mix with her new massage salon, Squeeze. Both brands offer a smooth tech-infused, high-touch customer experience, but with the coronavirus pandemic upending brick-and-mortar businesses around the world, no retail brand has an easy ride. 

In an installment of Inc.’s Real Talk: Business Reboot series on August 20, Webb shared the pivots and passions she and her team are pursuing to help Drybar and Squeeze not only survive but also thrive in tough times.

Watch the highlights from the Q&A session in the videos below.

On how to break into an older industry dominated by men:

On how to pivot from service to products: 

On why you don’t need a new idea to build a great business: 

On how to surprise and delight customers: 

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