Top 7 Hiring Trends in the Middle East for 2022

As businesses worldwide recover from the pandemic, the UAE job market is humming with hiring activity. The salaries in the UAE are expected to increase by 5% across all sectors.

As per The National NewsThe UAE employers expect to expand their workforce by nearly 76% in 2022.

So, what does the future hold for the workforce of the UAE? Will automation triumph, or will businesses continue to hire in the same old ways?

Saudi Arabia is booming in hiring, and nearly 79% of employers here expect to increase their workforce numbers over the next 12 months, as reported by The National News.

What’s in store for job seekers and recruiters?

Here are some insights on the hiring trends that Middle East job seekers may find helpful and HRs and recruiters should look forward to for this year:

1. Enhancing candidate/user experience

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Ripple Corrects Downwards; While Tamadoge is Correcting Upwards

In this market Ripple has spent much time on the downside. And at a time when price action started peaking up once more hopes of  reaching the upside were dashed by a bearish candle. Consequently, this retracted the price of this crypto back to $0.3731.

XRP Forecast Statistics Data:
XRP’s current price: $0.3731
XRP market cap: $18.7 billion
XRP circulating supply:49.4 billion
XRP total supply: 99.99 billion
XRP Coinmarketcap ranking: #7

Generally speaking, we can assume that this market is bearish, and with the current market behavior, Ripple’s value may fall lower. In this analysis, we’ll examine the market behavior, and try to predict where the price may get next. Also, we may come up with some trading moves, which can be made in this kind of market situation.

Important Price Levels:
Upper levels: $0.3721, $0.3750, $0.3721
Lower levels: $0.3731, $0.3725, $0.3718

Ripple Appears not Ready for an Upside Correction,

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How To Choose a Recruiter (For Client Companies)

The Headhunting/Recruiting Industry has been around (unofficially) for thousands of years. For example, even ancient armies probably needed to find recruits to serve as warriors, and almost all religions had similar representatives whose function it was to find new acolytes, converts, devotees, etc., as well as to renew the faith of former adherents. I would suggest that Recruiting is probably the second oldest profession, at least according to popular belief and history. Modern recruiting, as an industry, began in the 1920’s and 1930’s (according to the classic text “The Headhunters” by John Byrne (

Since then, the Employment/Staffing Industry has evolved into a $30 billion yearly market (according to Statista: for executive positions. Other estimates, focused more on placements involving ‘individual contributor’ or ‘technical’ positions are in the range of as much as $400 billion per year in collected fees, with one firm (relatively unknown and unheard of, even … Read more

Price Prediction For FET/USD For 16th August: Bulls Are Dominating The Market

FET/USD experienced serious market struggle on the 14th of August between the buyers and the seller ended in favour of the sellers. The daily trading session on the 14th of August suggests that the buying pressure recovered pushing the price closer to its starting point. Then on the 15th, the following day, buying pressure took the price up, later selling pressure brought the price back down. But the day ended to favour of the buyers since the price did not exceed the opening price. Today we see that the bulls took control of the market. They are taking the price up, at the present, the price of FET/USD is $0.10718410.


FETCH Price Statistic Data

  • FET/USD price now:- $0.10718410
  • FET/USD market cap:- $80,223,109
  • FET/USD circulating supply:- 746,113,681 FET
  • FET/USD total supply:- 1,152,997,575 FET
  • FET/USD coin market ranking:- #308


Key levels

  • Resistance:- $0.095784477, $0.10445612 $0.10718410
  • Support:- $0.09935533, $0.09578477, $0.07640176

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Listening as a Skill

If you want to know how to become an active listener you will need to learn certain traits about listening as a skills. Listening is a great skill to develop and it can improve all areas of your life. People love to talk and are always looking for someone to listen to them. Below are tips to facilitate active listening examples in daily life.
  1. When listening to someone your goal should be to understand their point of view. Listen to everything they say before forming your own opinion, and remember that you do not necessarily have to agree with them. Everyone deserves, and should form, their own opinions on various topics.
  2. Paying attention is the next trait. If you don’t pay attention you will miss out on important information. Always be aware of what is going on with the person who is speaking, and don’t
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