Resume Redactor to Mask Resumes for Workplace Diversity

Hiding personal identifiable information from resumes may reduce recruitment bias and add diversity to your hiring process. RChilli resume redactor helps you in masking resumes and can lead to a diverse and strong workforce.

The 5 key benefits of anonymizing resumes

When an organization mask resumes, the TA teams will focus on relevant hiring parameters and ignore personal information like gender, name, race, or sexual orientation that can cause prejudice.

Masking resumes with the help of RChilli Resume Redactor can lead to a diverse and strong workforce. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Mitigate bias

As the name implies, “unconscious bias” means we all have biases that we are unaware of, which can influence our hiring decisions. Unconscious bias can lead to discrimination despite our best foot forward to eliminate it.  Therefore, the first step towards better hiring is hiding candidates’ details, which can significantly lower the risk of prejudice.Read more

This Billionaire Says Crypto Is Here To Stay

The CEO of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, has said that Bitcoin and Ethereum are here to stay. He said that the two largest cryptocurrencies would not go anywhere despite the growing negative sentiment across the crypto industry.

Mike Novogratz says Bitcoin and Ethereum are here to stay

While speaking during an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Novogratz said that he did not see a future where Bitcoin and Ethereum would go under. He noted that these two assets would remain strong despite the low confidence levels across the crypto markets.

Galaxy Digital is a cryptocurrency investment company. The firm has not been without losses this year following the bear market that has seen several projects and crypto firms going under. Novogratz was a big believer in Do Kwon’s Terra Luna and even had a tattoo representing his commitment to the project before its astonishing collapse in May.

“We certainly have … Read more

Employee Experience: What It Is, Useful Metrics, and HR Tech You Need to Track It

One of the most talked about things in HR right now is employee experience. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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Defining Employee ExperienceThe Metrics for Tracking Employee ExperienceEngagement ScoreReferral CountRecognition DeliveredPaid Time Off (PTO) UtilizationHR Tech to Support Employee Experience

Defining Employee Experience

Qualtrics defines employee experience as everything a worker learns, does, sees, and feels at each stage of the employee lifecycle. That’s pretty all-encompassing! Simply put, employee experience is how workers interact with your company, perform their tasks, and the value they perceive is gained and contributed from working there.

It’s not too hard to imagine, then, why employee experience is important. A good employee experience has, in fact, been deemed “the most promising competitive advantage that organizations can create” by Jacob Morgan. Employee experience is one of those things that distinguishes the good from the great.

Still, with such an enormous and … Read more

Tamadoge Price Prediction for the 29th of November: The Bias on TAMA Is Bullish


Over the last trading session, the increase in selling pressure on the Tamadoge market has caused the buyers to lose grip on the $0.02 price level. Now as traders find a new demand zone at $0.0188, the market is bouncing back. The $0.02 price level will be recaptured before the day’s session runs out. 

Tamadoge Market Price Statistic:

  • TAMA/USD price now: $0.019
  • TAMA/USD market cap: $32,889,481
  • TAMA/USD circulating supply:1.05Billion
  • TAMA/USD total supply: 1,049,733,333
  • TAMA/USD coin market ranking: #2715

Key Levels

  • Resistance: $0.0255, $0.0260, $0.0270, 
  • Support: $0.0180, $0.0170, $0.016

Tamadoge Market Price Analysis: The Indicators’ Point of View

The Moving Average Convergence and Divergence indicator is positive about a recovery of the market as the histograms and the lines now show signs of bullish activities. Although the price action is slightly below the 20-day moving average, there is the possibility of the bullish price breaking the resistance Read more

Innovative Technology to Protect Your Business

Supporting your business isn’t only developing good strategies and executing them, it also includes ensuring the safety of your assets. By the end of the 2021 financial year, 38% of wholesale and retail properties in the UK experienced a crime. This was equivalent to over 150,000 properties, with the majority being due to theft (29%), assaults (11%), and burglary (10%).

Making sure your products and monetary gains are accounted for and protected is a priority, whether this is implementing security measures for the day or overnight.

Here, we will explore innovative technology that can assist in crime prevention measures and ensure your business is safe from theft.

Security tags

Technology plays a significant role in the ways businesses protect themselves against crime. Electronic article security tags are used widely in retail to assist in anti-theft measures. After installing an EAS system, businesses claim a 60-80% reduction in theft. Yet, despite … Read more