Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Re-Energized but Can the Bulls Clear $7,400 This Time?

Bitcoin Price Prediction (BTC) – April 22

Bitcoin has effortlessly zoomed above $7,000 before refreshing levels above $7,200 as the technical indicator remains positive.

BTC/USD Long-term Trend: Bullish (Daily Chart)

Key levels:

Resistance Levels: $8,000, $8,200 $8,400

Support Levels: $6,000, $5,800, $5,600

BTCUSD – Daily Chart

The daily chart reveals that BTC/USD is seen following the bullish trend in the long-term outlook. The Bears lost the momentum at the support level of $6,700 and could not penetrate this level. The coin bounced and propelled towards the north. The price has broken upside by crossing the 9-day and 21-day moving averages and it is now facing the resistance level of $7,200 within the channel. The strong bullish daily candle formed today on the daily chart indicates that the bulls are coming up.

Meanwhile, looking at the chart, in the case where a reversal surface again, the $6,000, $5,800 and $5,600 may … Read more

Usage-based auto insurance can help you save money


  • Consumers seeking more control on auto insurance premiums have new options
  • Usage based insurance provides discounts based on driving patterns and behavior
  • Insurance agents can help tailor coverage to save money

The old-school way to save on auto insurance was to bundle auto, home and life. But in today’s environment, consumers are looking for even more effective ways to control their budget and save money. While the bundling approach is still a smart play, there’s a new option to consider—usage-based insurance.

According to a recent J.D. Power and Cambridge Mobile Telematics survey, 57{998ff540fe94a59c7c9828c4dd5223100610db67cea90947d11644c77e05f5f4} of consumers think their miles driven will remain lower for a significant period of time, and they’re nearly three times more likely to consider usage-based insurance as a result. As people are looking for ways to exercise more control over their monthly budgets, usage-based insurance is going to become increasingly popular.

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Bitcoin Price Prediction: Another Retest of $7,250 Resistance Level, Do or Die for BTC/USD

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction – April 20

The Bitcoin price is moving within consolidation sitting just above the big $7,000 price mark.

BTC/USD Long-term Trend: Bullish (Daily Chart)

Key levels:

Resistance Levels: $8,000, $9,800, $10,000

Support Levels: $7,500, $7,300, $7,100

BTCUSD – Daily Chart

After facing rejection at $7,260, BTC/USD price dived below $7,131 to touch $6,926 level. At the moment, the Bitcoin price is currently consolidating around $7,056, with a few bearish signals. However, the recent correction to the upward failed near the $7,260.44 level. It seems like Bitcoin bulls are struggling to gain momentum above the $7,300 level.

At the same time, the Bitcoin price is trading within the limits of an ascending channel. While the channel resistance is a barrier to bullish advancement, the support continues to be critical to the Bitcoin recovery process. As long as the channel support stays intact, Bitcoin bulls could have the … Read more

FED May Be Boosting Crypto Adoption Through Rampant Money Printing

Bloomberg has recently published an opinion piece. This piece openly criticized the US government for the way that it’s been handling the coronavirus crisis at this point. However, this piece focused in particular on the way the FED has been dumping trillions of dollars into the COVID-19 crisis, having fabricated these funds out of thin air. The article warned that governments are risking the trust of their currencies by doing this.

Money Is But A Number

The governments of the world have pledged to do whatever it takes to fix this coronavirus crisis. As one would imagine, the phrase “Whatever it takes” can quickly turn into “whatever it costs,” and this is subject of concern. The entire world is built on the mutual consensus that a certain type of money has a certain type of value. The actual backing for this has long since collapsed, but the world … Read more

Coronavirus Leads to A Drop in Ransomware Attacks, But Hospitals Still Vulnerable

A new report from Chainalysis suggests that the number of ransomware attacks has dropped considerably in March when the coronavirus pandemic gripped the world.

A significant drop in attacks

Chainalysis said that witnessing a drop in ransomware attacks during the period was significant because many experts were concerned about ransomware attacks on hospitals and other healthcare units which could create further troubles during a crisis.

Ransomware attackers frequently target hospitals. According to security software provider Emsisoft, 764 US-based healthcare providers suffered an attack in 2019 alone. In March, Emsisoft was vocal about its concerns, imploring ransomware gangs and asking them to stop targeting hospitals at a time of crisis. It said that an attack could have potentially fatal impacts on the current scenario.

According to a senior economist at Chainalysis Kim Grauer, hospitals were still being attacked even though the number of instances has dropped. He noted that admins of … Read more