China Merchants Port Signs Blockchain-Related Deal with Alibaba

Alibaba Group, the massive China-based e-commerce giant, has reached a deal on the 28th of May, 2020, with its affiliate, Ant Financial, and China Merchants Port, the biggest port operator in China. This deal will allow for the development of a platform based on a blockchain network, which will then be used in a variety of different use cases.

Pushing For Advancements In Networks

Through coverage from a local media outlet, the platform was explained to allow its logistic companies, buyers, sellers, customs, banks, and tax officials to conduct imports and exports through contactless digital transactions.

The companies themselves will push for an in-depth integration of blockchain technology within the port industry at large. The overarching goal in this move, is to become the world’s first digital port with a blockchain-based, open collaboration network.

Aiming To Spread Data Across Whole Supply Chain

The report went into detail, stating that … Read more

BitBuy to Offer 1:1 Insurance on Deposited Bitcoin

BitBuy, a cryptocurrency exchange based in Toronto, will be offering complete insurance on all Bitcoin deposits, CoinTelegraph has reported on.

According to a press release shared with the publication, this insurance will be held in cold storage and is doable thanks to the group’s partnership with Bitcoin custody provider Knox.

Speaking on the matter is Alex Daskalov, the CEO of Knox, who had said:

“The funds that Bitbuy are transferring into our custody system are insured for the full value of the holdings, and this is effective immediately.”

As is always the case with cryptocurrency, the more security, the better. That said, this security shouldn’t be complex. Knox knows this, and is reliably building a space for users to store their assets.

Dean Skurka, the head of finance and compliance at the group, says:

“Knox has never lost Bitcoin, and this is an event with an especially low expectation. … Read more

What Are Some Good Cyber Security Habits?

What happens when you see the latest headline on a massive password or data breach? Odds are you go about your day, hoping your information is safe. While wishful thinking is harmless for your favorite team’s chances in the next game, it’s no help in the context of your personal cyber security. Over 4.1 billion data records1 were exposed in 2019. Every individual and organization needs to be vigilant against hackers and other online attacks. Read on for some cyber security tips to follow within your business and personal life.

Create strong passwords

Unfortunately, many people use ‘password’ or ‘123456’. Yes, they’re convenient and easy to remember. The problem is, they’re just as easy for others to guess.  Take a look at some of the most commonly used passwords as a guide for what to avoid2.

There are several criteria3 for making a strong password. Get in … Read more

Australian Research School Launches Blockchain Course 

Blockchain education is beginning to get more ground across educational institutions, and Australia is the latest country to embrace the trend.  RMIT University, a research and educational institution in Australia, announced that it launched two postgraduate courses in blockchain and cybersecurity. As the announcement explained, the courses will be coming in partnership with tech giant IBM, cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks, and local independent innovation hub Stone & Chalk. 

Meeting the Increasing Demand for Cybersecurity and Blockchain Professionals

IMB has built a name for itself in the blockchain sector, with several innovations to boast of across the space. As RMIT’s press release explained, the courses will tentatively begin in October 2020, and should run for about nine months. The university explained that it launched the course in response to a growing demand for expertise in both fields as the global business landscape continues to shift online.

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What to Do if Your Car Gets Totaled After an Accident

You’re involved in a collision, and your car is towed away. You’re lucky to only have minor scratches and bruises, but the loss of your car is weighing heavily on your mind. Find out what happens when your car is totaled and what you should do.

Contact your insurance company

Once you’ve received any necessary medical attention, call your insurance company right away. Your agent is the expert that you need, and they’re prepared to help start the claims process and walk you through the next steps. The agent will ask you questions that help file your insurance claim. If you have access to your damaged vehicle and you’re able to safely take photos of the car, do so and send them to your agent.

When speaking with the agent, be sure to ask for a list of auto body shops that are approved to make a determination on the … Read more