Hispanic Small Business Town Hall: 3 Tips for Great Leadership During the Pandemic

In times of crisis, your leadership is even more critical to your company’s success.

That’s according to the small-business advocates on Wednesday’s Hispanic Small Business Town Hall. The session, which focused on the topic of leadership, was the third in a series of streaming events hosted by Inc. and Hello Alice during Hispanic Heritage Month. The event was moderated by Hello Alice CEO and co-founder Carolyn Rodz.

Here are three things the panelists say you should do while leading your team during the pandemic.

1. Be empathetic.

“Good leaders in crisis recognize what their workforce is going through,” says Moe Vela, CEO of consulting firm MoeVela, LLC, and an adviser in the Clinton and Obama White House. Those leaders empathize with their employees: They listen and gain an understanding of their needs, then take steps to address their anxieties. Some of the businesses Vela has been working

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