The Pros and Cons of Consolidating Federal Student Loans

What is student loan consolidation?

If you’re like many borrowers, you probably have multiple student loans – some of which could be private loans or federal loans. Did you know that you can bundle your student loans into one loan? If this thought is appealing, consider consolidating your federal student loans with the federal government. It’s an option that could help simplify your life.

When you consolidate student loans into one, your interest rate won’t change. Instead, you’ll pay a fixed interest rate based on the weighted average of the rates on your previous loans, which is then rounded up to the next one-eighth of 1{998ff540fe94a59c7c9828c4dd5223100610db67cea90947d11644c77e05f5f4}.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of consolidating your federal student loans and see if it’s a right choice for you.

The pros

Learn the advantages of combining your federal student loans.

There are no credit or income requirements

Anyone with federal student … Read more

Women In STEM: Breaking into A Man’s World

With the growth in the engineering sector in the last few years, the requirement of additional workers has led to an increasingly diverse workforce especially with the inclusion of women.

The STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) sector has traditionally been male dominated. There have been women pioneers such as Ada Lovelace, but they are not as widely discussed as Elon Musk or Tim Berners-Lee. More women than ever are now choosing to take a job in STEM roles with a million women said to be working in the UK STEM sector.

In this article we will look at problems women have within the sector, ways to break into the sector and some of the women and organisations that are working to change STEM stereotypes.  

Smashing the glass ceiling

Since 2016 the number of women working in STEM jobs has steadily increased. The sector is evolving from a male-centric one as … Read more

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Rebounds above $17,000 Low, Revisits the $19,400 High

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction – November 29, 2020
On November 26, after the breakdown, the bearish candlesticks were closed with long tails. The long tails indicate that the bulls have bought the dips as the support level holds. Today, BTC/USD is trading above the $18,000 price level. Bitcoin is moving up to retest the previous highs.

Resistance Levels: $13,000, $14,000, $15,000
Support Levels: $7,000, $6,000, $5,000

BTC/USD – Daily Chart

Bitcoin upward move above $18,000 is facing rejection. Today, a candlestick with a long wick pointing at $18.300 is facing resistance. It indicates that there is selling pressure at that price level. Similarly, on November 18, at that price level, buyers were repelled. However, after a pullback the resistance level was retested and broken. On the upside, if the bulls can push BTC above $18,300, a rally above $19,000 is likely. However, if buyers fail to resume the Read more

Should I Abbreviate Emotional Intelligence as EI or EQ? There’s Only 1 Right Answer

If you’re familiar with the concept of emotional intelligence, the ability to identify, understand, and manage emotions, you may have seen it abbreviated in two different ways: EI and EQ.

Which raises the question, which one is right?

To discover the answer, we have to get into the history of emotional intelligence. The concept rose to fame in 1995, when Daniel Goleman originally published his book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.

However, Goleman himself has stated that he, along with most of academia, actually prefers the abbreviation “EI.”

So which one should you use?

The answer’s simple: You should use EQ. 

Look, the concept behind emotional intelligence is nothing new; it’s been around for centuries. And the scientific community began exploring emotional intelligence in the 1960s.

But it wasn’t until

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Future Finances: The Rise and Fall of Lockdown Investments

Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the UK nation to stay at home for most of 2020, finding ways to keep ourselves entertained was never an easy task. Other than our physical and mental health, our financial situation has also been put to the test in these difficult times.

Many people have been looking to safeguard their finances. Recent search volume data suggests that more of us have taken an interest in long-term investments during lockdown. As we continue to live through uncertain times, it’s important we stay optimistic for the months to come. What better way to do this than investing in something for the future of our finances?

Although the UK recession has inevitably caused the value of our investments to fall, it means that the cost of investing in an asset is cheaper. In the longer term, it’s a given that the value of investments will exceed the … Read more