Leading the Way: Utilising Your Personal Development to Empower Your Staff

Let’s be brutally honest: you are surely acquainted with one or more individuals that you are not particularly fond of. It may be that Rita, your neighbour, is too loud and nosey for your liking. It could be that Uncle George is overly fussy and pernickety. Or, maybe, the chatty guy at the bus stop simply does not give you good vibes.

The chances are that there is someone at your workplace who you struggle to connect and communicate with. When collaborating and rowing in unison towards the same goal, any form of discord can slow down the team’s progress on a task. Moreover, at the end of a meeting, you may feel frustrated with a colleague who has not cooperated in the way you would have liked them to.

Ultimately, talking and working with ‘idiots’ is challenging. By ‘idiots’, we do not mean a stupid or foolish person. In … Read more

5 Best Low Price Cryptocurrency to Buy – June 2022 Week 1

The cryptocurrency market is showing signs of recovery after a difficult few weeks. Its total cap is up by 2.7% in the past 24 hours, reaching $1.37 trillion. This is also a 10% jump since Saturday, with most major coins also rising by similar percentages. However, a few coins have beaten the market by considerable margins. We take a look at them in this list of the 5 best low price cryptocurrency to buy right now.

5 Best Low Price Cryptocurrency to Buy

1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

LBLOCK is down by 10% in the past 24 hours, at $0.00221480. This represents a 12% fall in the past week, but a 99% rise in the last 14 days.

LBLOCK may have dipped in the past day, but it’s due for a spurt anytime soon. In fact, the Lucky Block crypto games platform is due to hold its first ever prize draw … Read more

Hire Right Talent with RChilli Taxonomies

Emphasizing the role of taxonomy in finding the right talent, RChilli is launching a comprehensive list of new taxonomies for its users.

Apart from Resume/Job Parser, Search & Match Engine, Resume Redactor, and Data Migration, RChilli already offers Skills/Jobs Taxonomy to its users. In addition to this, the company now offers

  • Education Degree Taxonomy

  • Education Institute Taxonomy

  • Postal Code Taxonomy

  • Geo Locations Taxonomy

With these taxonomies, the users can easily organize unstructured information about the candidate in their database.

Josh Bersin rightly said that Skills taxonomies are the next big thing.

Acknowledging this fact, Vinay Johar, CEO-RChilli, said, “Skills taxonomy is a game-changing concept in the HR tech industry. But apart from skills taxonomy, the users also need something more to enrich their database. This is the reason we have conceptualized taxonomies with different categories. For example, the Education Institute Taxonomy is specifically designed to help users organize their unstructured … Read more

10 Top Metaverse Cryptos Today

The Metaverse is predicted to be a billion-dollar industry in the coming years, this is why more and more crypto enthusiasts are been drawn to this domain of the blockchain technology. The current digital era demands a fully immersive 3D world wherein a parallel digital economy will exist and this is possible only with the Metaverse.

Being in its early stage now, it is the right time to invest in Metaverse now. We have provided a list of 10 top-performing Metaverse Cryptos in this article.

10 Top Metaverse Cryptos based on 7 Days Price Movement

1. DeapCoin (DEP)

DEP is the utility token of the DeFi platform DeapCoin, which is an NFT marketplace and a digital entertainment platform built on Blockchain. It features the digital “PlayMining” platform where users can play various online games, read manga (comic/graphic novels), earn DEP coins as rewards and enjoy various other forms of entertainment.… Read more


If you are a student and are looking to build a career in Artificial Intelligence, then get certified in AI with a 100% scholarship. The Artificial Intelligence scholarship program is exclusively for the distinguished Certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer (CAIE™), from USAII™. The AI scholarship is designed to support aspiring candidates who wish to develop data science and artificial intelligence skills.

How to get the Scholarship for CAIE™

You stand a fair chance to earn this opportunity by participating in the International Scholarship Exam (ISE) conducted globally by the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII). As a candidate, you can win the scholarship if you clear the ISE and fall under the top 5 percentile in your region. 

Education has become one of the most essential and expensive assets in today’s world. Most high school pass outs look for financial assistance to pursue the career of their dreams that … Read more