Dealership offers supported internships

The dealership has welcomed four students to join and contribute to the business over the course of a school year, allowing them to develop their practical, personal and business skills within a professional setting.

The programme is for students with special educational needs who are looking to transition out of education into employment. The programme aligns with Jardine Motors Group’s mission to create inclusive environments where diversity is celebrated and respected.

The students have each been assigned one of the following roles within the dealership: service administrator, showroom cleaner, showroom assistant, or parts assistant. This has encouraged the students to become fully immersed within the business and important members of the Audi Halesowen team. In their role, students have set responsibilities and tasks to complete with the support of an on-site job coach and their personal mentor from the Audi Halesowen team.

Not only has the internship developed the students’ … Read more

Russia announces plans to release digital ruble to banks in 2024

The Bank of Russia has continued working towards the launch of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The country plans to roll out the digital ruble to banks over the next few years.

Russia plans to launch digital ruble in 2024

The Bank of Russia released a monetary policy update revealing that the regulator planned to link all banks and other financial institutions to the digital ruble in 2024. The launch would mark an essential milestone for Russia, as on March 2024, the country will host its presidential elections.

By the CBDC launch, the Bank of Russia expected to have finalized trials for customer-to-customer and business-to-customer transactions via the digital ruble. In 2023, the central bank plans to beta test digital ruble smart contracts for trades. The beta phase will only be available to select participants.

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Three Key Benefits of Having a Diverse Workforce

Following Pride Month and the criticism of businesses that changed their logo to the Pride flag without any meaningful action or diversity-led policies, it’s time for organisations to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices. But if your business has never really focused on equality and diversity, what are those benefits?

Here, we’ll delve into the benefits a diverse workforce brings to businesses.

You can understand your customers better

A lack of diversity can impact your clients and the output of your business in many ways. For example, hair companies may produce products for afro hair without really understanding the specific needs of that type of hair. Or, across many sectors, accessibility provisions may take into account physical disabilities but not mental ones.

When people from diverse backgrounds come together, they can offer viewpoints that may not be considered by a more homogenous group. We know … Read more

Shiba Inu (SHIBUSD ) Is Struggling to Break Up $0.000012 Level

The bulls’ are dominating Shiba Inu market

SHIBUSD Price Analysis – August 13

Further increase in the bulls’ momentum will make the Shiba Inu to break above the resistance level of $0.000012; above it are $0.000013 and $0.000016 resistance levels.

Key levels:

Resistance levels: $0.000012, $0.000013, $0.000016

Support levels: $0.000011, $0.000010, $0.000009


SHIBUSD Long-term Trend:  Bullish

SHIBUSD is on the bullish movement on the daily chart. The coin bottomed at the support level of $0.000007 on 18 June. The sellers’ pressure failed and it bounced up with the formation of strong bullish candles. It pulled back and started a ranging movement within $0.000010 and $0.000011 levels.  On July 18, the bulls gained more momentum and break up the resistance level of $0.000011, further price increase experienced and it tested $0.000012 resistance level.

The slow Moving Average (21 periods) is below the fast Moving Average (9 periods EMA) and the … Read more

How Can University Help Kick-Start Your Career

Over the course of the pandemic, universities saw a rapid increase in applicants through the Clearing process. UCAS reported that a record number of 82,915 hopefuls got places through Clearing in 2020. 24,755 were first-time applicants directly through the process. With so many plans for gap years being rearranged or cancelled as a result of COVID halting travel, it makes sense there was an influx of applications.

But Clearing isn’t just for those out there whose plans were halted as a result of the pandemic. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of applying through Clearing as opposed to the traditional process of securing a place on a course. We’ll also look to clear up some of the common stigmas that surround the Clearing process.

Misconceptions of Clearing

Before we dive into its benefits, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding Clearing courses. These tend … Read more