The Importance of HR Software Demos in Selecting Your Next Provider

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As firms rely more on talent management software, the number of providers is increasing. As a result, HR software vendors put together elaborate demos to showcase their features and capabilities to gain the upper hand in the selection process. Below are a couple of vendors with links to short demos that are available online:

  • BambooHR’s TRAXPayroll demo
  • ADP’s Workforce Now demo
  • Greenhouse’s recruiting optimization platform demo
  • HR Bob’s Chatbot Virtual Assistant demo
  • Pinpoint’s applicant tracking software demo

Suppose you are a small business owner or HR manager looking to streamline your employee processes, such as onboarding, benefits administration, or payroll systems, by incorporating HR technologies into your company, but you can’t settle on one provider. In that case, this is the … Read more

Tamadoge Price Prediction for Today, October 30: TAMA/USD Bulls Find a New Support Price Level

Bulls and bears had a very strong faceoff over the Tamadoge price direction in yesterday’s trading session. However, TAMA bulls became strong enough in yesterday’s demand to secure higher support at the $0.02500 price level. Then bulls were able to maintain the price level into today’s market despite the bearish resistance.

 Tamadoge Market Price Statistic:

  • TAMA/USD price now: $0.02488
  • TAMA/USD market cap: $26,261,913
  • TAMA/USD circulating supply: 1.05Billion 
  • TAMA/USD total supply: 1,049,733,333
  • TAMA/USD coin market ranking: #2669

Key Levels

  • Resistance: $0.02500. $0.0300, $0.03500
  • Support: $0.02100, $0.0200, $0.01500

Tamadoge Market Price Analysis: The Indicators Point of View

It took strong bullish momentum to lift the price from $0.022 to $0.025. The bulls were also able to keep the price as the strong support eventually made the price range sideways. The tide began to turn in the 3rd hour of today’s market, in favour of the bears as their momentum increased. The Read more

Adp Workforce Now vs. Namely — Which Is Your Next All-In-One HR Software?

Is your HR team trying to choose between ADP Workforce Now and Namely for an all-in-one HR software? It’s understandably a tough decision. Both vendors are well respected in HR tech, but for different reasons. 

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ADP is a long-time frontrunner in HR software. The company was founded as a manual payroll processing company in 1949. Through the decades, it grew in size and influence, culminating in the software product ADP Workforce Now, released in 2011. 

Namely, on the other hand, was founded in 2012, one year after Workforce Now hit digital shelves. Since then, Namely has rapidly grown into a popular platform for human resources teams across the US. 

The two companies have had different trajectories, but one’s growth is not necessarily better than the other’s. Just because ADP has been around longer does not mean it’s a better … Read more

The 6 Best Trucking Payroll Software Vendors

Our Expert Picks: The Top Trucking Payroll Software


An affordable payroll solution from one of the top names in this type of software, used by thousands of organizations.

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Axon Software

As a fully-fledged trucking management system, Axon offers real-time and meaningful information that is instantly updated across every area of the business.

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Up-and-coming vendor in the trucking payroll space, with years of experience on pure trucking management software.

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Gusto is a beautiful-looking tool and a simple to use payroll, benefits, onboarding, and support platform designed for smaller companies.

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Quickbooks is one of the highly-trusted names in financial tracking, payroll, expense reports, and even time and attendance software for small businesses.

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What HR Tools Should I Use as a Startup?

I’ve started two tech companies and wanted to share the technologies you need at the early stages to set yourself up for success.  This advice is mostly for companies with <20 employees who are primed for fast growth.

When young companies first start growing their team, there can be a lot of confusion around what types of HR software and tools they need.  This is especially true if you haven’t hired a dedicated HR person at this point.

I think about the tools you need in terms of core HR (paying people, setting time off policies, all the REALLY exciting stuff!), recruiting, solutions that are important to your specific company, and then of course thinking about your next phase of growth.

I also believe that the HR functions first as a basic need, and then evolves in most high growth companies to be a more strategic function that can drive … Read more