Leaders VS Managers

Leaders VS Managers

Recently I was asked by a fellow professional what is the difference between a leader and a manager. I thought long and hard about it, and came to several realizations. Now keep in mind my point of reference for this is based on my 12+ years in the military, which includes during war time, and my 15+ years amongst the professional ranks.

For one you can be a manager but not manage anyone. There are allot of positions out there that are titled manager or management that do not have direct people managing requirements. While the only way to be a leader or be in a leadership role is to lead people. Leaders are born, managers are created.

In addition anyone can be a manager, only a select few can be leaders. A manager(if they are managing people) can have influence over people because of their title … Read more

The Role of Softphones in Supporting Hybrid Workforces

A softphone is a cloud-based communication technology that allows users to make telephone calls over the internet. Computers or smartphones are used as mediums of communication. Softphones for business have all the features of a desk phone and typically expand the range of services that can have access on a desk phone.

Softphones for business can work with WebRTC (Web Real-time Communications) which is an open-source standard that a business can embed into web-based applications with the same contact center features for inbound as well as outbound calls. It is very suitable for a remote workforce that is a necessity for hybrid workforces. The solution can be installed on any laptop or desktop or mobile device. The MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) aids businesses in switching from on-premise to cloud for inbound and outbound calls through the internet with the same contact center features. It supports working without the use of … Read more

The Power of Vanity Numbers: How They Boost Brand Recognition and Customer Engagement

For business, phone numbers are not just a string of numbers, but it is a direct line to the customers. Although phone numbers are very effective in bringing customers into the business, they are hard to remember. 

Even though customers get the business contact number online, businesses want it to be as simple as possible for customers to make a call. Vanity numbers are a great way to help customers and improve call volume and sales. 

With the help of toll free number providers, a business can get vanity numbers which can improve brand recognition and customer engagement. Continue reading to learn about the power of vanity numbers in promoting business: 

What is a vanity number? 

 A toll-free phone number is mostly a vanity number. They are preferred by businesses because they are simpler to advertise with, easier for consumers to recall, help with branding, and generate more calls. A … Read more

How to Avoid Candidate Exit Rate?

This article aims to provide HR managers in Oracle HCM a synopsis on why their candidate database is missing resumes from prospective candidates. By underlining the critical aspects of increasing candidate exit rate, we’ve shared how our AI-driven technology caters to the persistent industry problem for recruiters who want to hire the crème de la crème of the industry.  

One of the most critical yet ignored facts in the talent acquisition industry is: that the recruiters believe they’re the only ones assessing and having the right to collect information. The reality, however, is that a candidate is judging the company too, the role offered, and whether the company culture matches their work ethic. Even though being the interviewer is less stressful than the candidate, it’s still important that you put your best foot forward.  

All it takes is a negative candidate experience to lose a potential employee to a competitor.

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Manage Your Remote Employees Easily with Coworking Spaces

With more and more companies pushing remote work ever since the onset of the pandemic, the popularity of coworking culture has increased over time! It’s a huge hit among the millennials, so much so that it has become an important element of employer branding.

This concept has been welcomed with open arms in the United States. In fact, according to Zippia, there were only 14 coworking spaces in the US in 2007. But now, in 2022, it’s predicted to cross the milestone of 6,000!

But, like many, are you also wondering what a coworking space means and what benefits it provides to remote or hybrid workers? Keep reading to understand this modern workplace.

What Is a Coworking Space?

Officially, the meaning of coworking relates to independent professionals assembling at a common workplace to work. It allows freelancers, remote workers, and contract workers to come together and work independently … Read more