4 Times When Starting Your Career in the Military Is the Right Choice for You

Military life can be a mixture of strenuous activity, rigorous discipline, and a profound sense of duty or accomplishment. Although many people choose to serve for a few years and return to civilian life, others can make a lifelong career out of it. Whatever your choice, there are a few reasons why making the military a starting point to your career can be a good move.

Building Retirement Benefits

You may not wish to make a whole career out of the military. However, some of the retirement benefits the government provides get more lucrative for members who serve a long time. The government calculates many of the pensions based on the average for your three highest levels of basic pay. There is even a blended retirement system that provides you with TSP contributions that match a percentage of base pay. Even if you don’t stay in until the typical retirement age, this addition gives you some options you can take with you. The huge bonus here is that military service persons can retire with a pension and pick up a second career.

Getting Educational Opportunities

You may receive some education related to your specific field within the military while you are on active duty. However, the government also provides you with assistance for higher education after you’ve served your stint. You can enroll in an¬†online university for military personnel that allows you to study while you travel around to different countries as part of your deployment. Depending on how long you stay in the service, the government may pay for your entire tuition costs after you leave to pursue other avenues.

Expanding Travel Horizons

Are you thinking about a second career that keeps you close to home and family? If so, the travel perks that you get during your military service might be one bonus that works well for you. While you might go places during an active deployment, you’ll also have days off that are your own. During these times, your leave is paid, and you can make use of military resorts around the world to further drive your costs down. Free flights may be available to you via what’s known as a military hop.

Leading Others for Civilian Work

You can get free training in many advanced fields as part of your military career. Some of your options here might allow you to take on leadership roles within various organizations. Doing this now can be a great way to pad your post-military skills for a job hunt. Experienced professionals with proven track records can jump to the top of a big stack of resumes.

If you’re already considering signing up for military service, some of these reasons may provide just the kind of incentive you need to take that last leap. Even if you think you’re not a good fit, looking into some of the benefits here might show you that there are multiple ways you can be of service. It is worth noting that perks like job recruitment and financial assistance for schooling can last you a lifetime. There are also ways for veterans to get a home without putting any money down first.

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