5 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Foodies

For some people, food is mere sustenance–for others, it’s a way of life. When it comes to giving a gift to the latter, you need to find options that go beyond the average and can best be described as unique. We’ve rounded up five ideas for you below. 

New York Bakery Breads, $45
New York is famous for its small artisanal bread bakeries, and a gift from the Brooklyn-based Bread Basket gives your giftee the chance to get a carb fix from several of them in one go. The baskets are offered in seven themes, such as European, holiday, and gluten-free. They’re filled with delicious brioche buns, sourdoughs, holiday loaf cakes, and more from renowned names such as Roberta’s, Pain d’Avignon, and Amy’s Bread.

Half-Dozen Pints of Ice Cream, $68
Columbus, Ohio-based ice cream maker Jeni Britton Bauer has a nationwide cult following for her top-quality ice creams that use the best ingredients available. They’re undoubtedly the among the creamiest and tastiest I’ve ever enjoyed. The Virtual Crowd Pleaser is a half-dozen pints of her bestsellers–blackout chocolate cake, brown butter almond brittle, and gooey butter cake among the bunch.

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Not Your Typical Cake Mixes, $65
Founded by New Zealand native Jordan Rondel, The Caker starter as a custom cake business and quickly became an international sensation. Today, Rondel has a Cake Kit trio for home cooks, whether they’re novices or professionals, to bake their own sweet endings at home. The set includes matcha cherry, lemon strawberry poppy seed, and flourless dark chocolate gold leaf–they’re easy to use, and the end results are simply delicious.

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Greek chef and cookbook author Maria Loi is behind this full-bodied, luscious olive oil that will no doubt become a staple in any kitchen. It’s produced on the island of Crete and pressed just hours after the olives have been handpicked. Pour it over fish, meats, salads, and cooked vegetables or use it as a dip for bread–you’ll get a pop of flavor in any dish.

Interactive Cooking Classes, From $29
The online platform Cozymeal offers a seemingly endless list of virtual cooking classes that are creative and engaging–not flat the way some online options can be. There’s a choice in every theme, from Parisian macarons and Bolognese pasta to Japanese street fare and cooking with wine. The chefs teaching them hail from all over the world and include both emerging and established names.

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