At Delta and United Airlines, These 2 Short Words Make a Big Difference For 2021

Here’s a leadership question, courtesy of Delta Air Lines and United Airlines. When you’re leading a team in difficult times, is it better to exude optimism, or lean toward realism? 

This is the sort of thing I cover in my free ebook, Flying Business Class: 10 Rules for Leaders From the U.S. Airlines, about what business leaders can learn from watching the airlines. (You’re invited to download it here.)

Over the past 10 days or so, we’ve had the chance to watchas Ed Bastian, the CEO of Delta Air Lines, and Scott Kirby, the CEO of United Airlines, each took a significantly different rhetorical approach as they predicted the way forward during 2021.

First, Bastian at Delta. During his airline’s most recent earnings call, I was struck by how often Bastian and his team used variations of words like “hope,” “optimism,” and “confidence” despite the

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12 Key Secrets of Tom Brady’s Success, Quickly Explained and Then Ranked By How Easy They Are to Copy

Tom Brady is the oldest active player on an NFL roster, and somehow he’s just two wins away from yet another Super Bowl trophy. 

Business leaders can learn a lot from studying Brady. In fact, I’ve compiled an entire ebook about this idea: Tom Brady Always Wins, which you can download here for free

Whether you’re a Brady fan or not (and whether you care about sports or not) here are 12 key secrets to Brady’s success, each explained in under 100 words, and ranked more or less by how replicable they are:  

1.    He controls his emotions.

Losing control of your feelings is the fastest way to lose control of a critical situation. Brady is very emotional — but when it matters, it’s all about controlled emotion.

And when the game is over, he’s effusive. (Here’s what I caught him doing after winning the Super Bowl in

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7 Apartment Decorating Ideas When Buying Furniture Online

There are seemingly endless ways to arrange your apartment, but having an arsenal of good ideas can cut through the clutter. Did you just move out of an apartment? Ready to start with a fresh design for your new one? From figuring out the best way to decorate your kitchen to knowing what plants can survive in a tiny apartment, we have the apartment furniture and decorating ideas for you.

1. Themed lighting fixtures

Lighting is important in creating your space. For the maximum effect, your lighting should be similar in style and theme to create a sense of flow and cohesion in your space. Here are some considerations to light up your apartment:

  • A bold ceiling fixture is eye-catching and directs attention upward. 
  • Torchiere floor lamps are ideal for apartments lacking in area because they provide plenty of light without taking up much needed floor or tabletop
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Mark Cuban Just Shared a Really Good Idea, But at the Worst Possible Time

If you’ve had good news to share lately, it’s been a frustrating time

It’s been hard to get anyone to pay attention to much besides the election–and the attempts to overturn it, and the insurrection, and the second impeachment, and the inauguration… It sucked all the oxygen out of the media ecosystem.

I suppose this was actually good news for people with bad news–scandal, disappointing numbers, for example–since they could release things with the reasonable hope that nobody would notice.

But, it also meant it was hard to get attention for things that deserve attention. And that brings us to Mark Cuban.

There’s no scandal involved; this is about a brilliant new venture he’s involved with. Last week, Cuban tweeted about one of his new companies: Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company, which is being billed as a generic drug company in which the prime value proposition is

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Combating Climate Change Isn’t Just Biden’s Problem. How Small Businesses Can Step Up

As he promised, President Joe Biden is taking steps to have the United States reenter the Paris Climate Agreement on Day 1 of his presidency.

Due to the legal time frame for withdrawal from the agreement, in which 196 countries pledged to limit global warming to no more than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the U.S. had actually not withdrawn until this past November. But the act of reentry is the first step in an expected aggressive set of policies to begin recovering lost time for the U.S., which is responsible for about 15 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions.

The makeup of Biden’s cabinet and close advisors shows how much recovering global environmental leadership means to the new president. The nominees to head the Environmental Protection Agency and the Departments of Energy, Interior and Transportation are all focused on leading a decarbonization transition in the United States. And

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