How to Pay Insurance Premiums

No matter what type insurance policy and coverage you have, paying your insurance premium is easy. There are several ways to keep your account up-to-date, whether you choose to pay in full or in installments.

1. Through online bill pay. Visit your insurance provider’s website. On their website you can create an account or log in. This will give you access to pay your bill, set-up automatic bill pay, manage your policies, and learn about products and services available to you. Nationwide provides online payment for personal insurance and business insurance policyholders.

2. By mail. Send your payment slip and check to the address on your most recent bill.

3. By Phone. Call the number on your bill to pay your account by phone. Be sure to have your debit card or checking account information available when you call.

4. In person. If you prefer to hand your check … Read more

4 New Ways To Reenergize Workers At Home

If your people are working at home, you can’t keep them motivated in the same ways you did before the pandemic. After all, by seeing people working together, a business leader with empathy can sense whether they are engaged and motivated. 

When people work at home, a business leader must find new ways to tap into how people are feeling. Here are the four ways:

1. Just listen to people in skip level meetings. 

Pre-pandemic, leaders could walk around the office and see peoples’ faces and level of interaction with others. When workers are at home, leaders must find a new way to sense their emotions. 

One way to do that is to hold skip level meetings — e.g., with those who report to your direct reports. When you do this, it’s important to let your direct reports know why — in order to get an unfiltered sense of

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Top Ski Resorts in the USA: Which Ski Slopes Are For You?

Ski season beckons with hundreds of the best ski resorts in the U.S. for the advanced and novice alike. Seeking airborne thrills on the slopes? Or maybe just a leisurely run down the trails capped off with a romantic fireside dinner?

This list of ski areas can help you decide where to spend your next ski trip.

Wachusett Mountain, Massachusetts

Located in Worcester County, Massachusetts, this ski resort caters to first-time skiers with a beginner’s package that includes equipment rental, lessons and lower mountain lift tickets. Guests can also enjoy the newly designated beginners’ area, where they can learn the ins and outs of skiing from specially trained instructors.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

Ready to test your skills? Head to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village, Wyoming. The famed Corbet’s Couloir, often referred to as North America’s scariest slope, begins with a drop that will have you … Read more

Get Ready for these 4 Changes Coming to the Business World in 2021

Since the shutdown that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic, we have experienced a rapid rate of change and we have, in turn, rapidly adapted. In fact, we saw 15 years of behavior change in 30 days.

This remarkable ability to adapt and pivot has helped both leaders and their businesses evolve and, thus, survive. We know the rate of change is not going to slow. Going forward, small and midsize businesses will need to anticipate, as much as possible, the challenges that lie ahead. Our most recent report shares four critical areas of continued transformation that small and midsize business (SMB) leaders will harness for growth in 2021.   

1.       Work from home is here to stay

The genie is out of the bottle on working from home. Previous questions around if working from home can be productive, efficient and successful have now been answered. Working from home is here

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Conventional Roof vs FORTIFIED Roof: Which Is Better?

The safety of a home largely depends on the materials it is made of — high-quality materials can help protect you and your loved ones from whatever weather comes your way.

What is a FORTIFIED home?

The FORTIFIED Home program, also known as IBHS FORTIFIED, uses retrofit techniques to strengthen new and existing homes, making them more resistant to hurricanes and other severe weather as shown in the video below.

This program includes an intensive inspection by an independent, third-party, certified evaluator who puts together a comprehensive evaluation report once the inspection is complete. The report contains verified information regarding your home’s current disaster resistance, materials and methods used during construction. This type of information is not generally made available for homes that are not fortified.

Conventional Roof vs FORTIFIED Roof™

Making sure a home meets FORTIFIED standards begins with the roof—the most important and most vulnerable part of … Read more