BitcoinSV Payment Platform Centi Closes New Funding Round

Centi, a BitcoinSV payment processing platform, has just brought in a significant amount of capital from a new funding round headed up by Dr. Jürg Conzett & Calvin Ayre, according to a press release from the group.

Conzett is the founder of MoneyMuseum in Zurich, and Ayre is the founder of Ayre Group and CoinGeek.

Centi ensures that merchants can accept cryptocurrencies as payment via a Point of Sale infrastructure, the release notes. This means that more people can spend digital assets as they please, increasing accessibility and ensuring the space has more of a use case.

Founded by Bernhard Müller, Centri exclusively uses BitcoinSV thanks to its speed and scalability solutions. That and it features incredibly low transaction fees compared to other networks. Speaking on the matter is Müller himself, who said:

“I feel privileged to work with two such experienced investors – Calvin Ayre and Dr Jürg

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Cut rail fares to counter Covid slump in train travel, watchdog urges

Transport Focus joins unions and campaigners in calling for short and long-term incentives

Rail fares must be cut to entice travellers back on to trains after Covid-19, according to the passenger watchdog, which has urged the UK government to subsidise similar money-saving deals to those for the restaurant sector.

Transport Focus said a radical shake up of the fares system should go beyond a fares freeze to include cut-price deals and flexible season tickets for people who may in future only be commuting part-time.

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Morrisons to remove plastic 'bags for life' and trial paper alternative

Supermarket says move follows evidence that reusable plastic bags are being thrown away after one use

Morrisons is planning to ditch all its plastic “bags for life” following evidence that they are being used once and thrown away. The food retailer is running a trial in eight stores from Monday, which will see sturdy paper bags offered at checkouts instead.

If the trial is popular, introducing paper bags only across all its 494 stores would save 90m plastic bags being used annually, the equivalent of 3,510 tonnes of plastic per year, the company said.

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Akemona Becomes First Smart-Contract Based Portal to Register With SEC

Akemona, a self-described “pioneer in digital securities” has revealed that it has officially “registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is now a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) under section 3(h) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the corresponding SEC rules, popularly known as Regulation Crowdfunding,” according to a press release from the group.

This is huge for the group, considering it’s the first “smart-contract-based funding portal” ever to get here. As a platform, Akemona ensures businesses can find funding by offering bonds as securities on its platform, the release also states.

Interestingly, the company applied for FINRA approval last year and finally received it.

Speaking on the matter is Brady Matthews, the Chief Technology Officer at Akemona, who said:

“Akemona meets this challenge by introducing the aPledge software token to represent investment commitments as well as digital securities. Underlying an aPledge

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Who’s in the bigger hole when an ethical investor divests from BHP?

The mining giant releases full-year results this week, but Britain’s biggest pension fund will no longer care

At this point in history, time does not appear to have been especially kind to the views of the famed economist Milton Friedman.

He may be one of the few recipients of the Nobel memorial prize in economic sciences that non-dismal scientists can actually name (others might be Friedrich Hayek, Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman and, ahem, President Josiah Bartlet from The West Wing) but one of his most famous ideas is looking somewhat dated.

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