10 Tips for Buying a Business Car

Depending on the type of business you own, buying a company car could provide some noteworthy benefits. It might come in handy for deliveries or driving between work locations, and the tax benefits of owning a business vehicle are substantial. But like any major purchase, there are several things to consider before you sign on the dotted line. Start by reviewing these 10 tips for buying a business car.

1. Determine between leasing and owning a company car

Your first decision may be about whether it’s better to lease or own a business car. If you decide to purchase a car, you may need a loan, which you will have to pay back even if the value of the vehicle drops below the amount of the loan. Sometimes this happens when an accident occurs. If you choose to lease a car instead, the residual value at the end of the … Read more

What Is a Revocable Living Trust?

A revocable living trust, or simply a  living trust, is legal entity created to hld ownership of assets generally used to determine how their assets will be handled after they die. The person who creates this living trust is called the grantor or the trustmaker and typically also serves as the trustee, meaning they handle the administration of the trust. A living trust is the legal process for distributing but require a lot of upfront work. You should consult an Estate Attorney and an investment professional, especially if you’re unsure of the best way to plan your estate. [1][2]

Living trust vs will

Both living trusts and wills are an important part of estate planning and enable you to name beneficiaries, plan how you’d like your assets distributed and make changes if your situation or wishes take a turn. While a will does not take effect until … Read more

Managing Your Personal Finances During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In these unprecedented times, it’s important to know what resources may be available to you. Check out our list below to learn more.

Paying down debt

Paying down debt is difficult under normal circumstances. The COVID-19 global pandemic, including stay-at-home guidance and social distancing measures, makes it even more challenging. There are a number of resources that might be able to help you with your debt.

Paying Mortgage

Check on your mortgage and life insurance policies to see whether you’re offered payment protection, accident, sickness or unemployment coverage

  • If your ability to pay your mortgage is impacted and your loan is owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you may be eligible to delay making your monthly mortgage payments. Learn more about mortgage assistance options.
  • Regardless of your situation, if you’re having trouble making payments, contact your mortgage servicer (the company where you send your monthly payments) as soon as
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How to Choose a Guardian for Your Child

No one could ever love your children quite like you do. But in the unlikely event that both you and your partner pass away, it’s important to have a guardian named in your will (the only place where this directive can be given) who can care for your children in your absence.

Deciding who this special person should be may feel overwhelming, but it’ll save your children, legal dependents and other loved ones a lot of stress and additional grief later on. That’s why we’ve created a list of important things to consider as you make this decision.

As you think through who you’d like to care for your children in your absence, keep the following factors in mind when choosing a guardian:

1. Values and religious preference

If you have strong feelings about things such as religion, philanthropy or even politics that you want your children to be exposed … Read more

12 Fun Things to Do in the Winter Outside

Many people are inclined to stay inside when temperatures drop, and to be fair, there’s no shortage of entertaining indoor winter activities. But if you’re wondering what to do on a snow day, the great outdoors has plenty to offer. In fact, there are several mental and physical benefits to spending time outside during the colder months. Exposure to the sun can improve your mood and the Vitamin D your body absorbs helps fight off diseases.[1] So bundle up and safely enjoy the cold with one of these outdoor activities.

1. Visit a hot spring

The water of a hot spring is substantially higher than the air temperature of the surrounding region,[2] and perfect to thaw your cold body over the winter. Soaking in a hot spring is a warm and relaxing experience, but this getaway may require some advance planning. Most hot springs are out West … Read more