One in eight childcare workers in England earn less than £5 an hour

Report finds workload and lack of career development having an adverse effect on the sector

One in eight childcare workers in England earn less than £5 an hour, according to new research which warns that low pay, high workload and a lack of career development are having an adverse effect on the sector.

The Social Mobility Commission (SMC) report says there are signs the early years workforce is becoming increasingly unstable, warning that high staff turnover risks undermining the quality of provision and disadvantaged children’s outcomes.

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HerdX to Utilize Blockchain Technology to Assist in Supply Chain Education and Increase Food Safety

HerdX, a self-described “agri-tech and data company,” plans to implement blockchain technology to solve a variety of food and famine issues related to the pandemic in 2020, according to a press release from the group.

Recently, HerdX partnered with UPS and Fogo de Chão to showcase this intent. This partnership resulted in the hosting of an event that allowed officials and citizens in the Washington DC area to order “curbside pick-up meals” that were tracked on the HerdX blockchain network. This is to showcase how these users can check the history of the items – where the food originated from and which companies processed it, for example.

Speaking on the matter is Lauren Jones, a Chief Business Development Officer at HerdX, who noted that her kids will be able to know everything about where their food comes from in the future:

“My children will have the ability to know

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How to Deal with Loud Neighbors

When you live in an apartment or a townhouse, no matter how nice the location and your home, there’s always the possibility you will have to deal with loud neighbors. It can be an issue from the start or can occur years down the line or after someone new moves next door. Knowing how to deal with with noisy neighbors requires a balance of diplomacy and directness. You want to get someone to quiet down but not embarrass them or leave them with hard feelings.

Here are 5 tips to help guide when dealing with noisy neighbors.

1. Gently knock

If they’re having a good time your boisterous neighbors may have forgotten that it’s late or that the walls are thin. They may believe that everyone likes their music.
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Up to 45,000 new homes to be green lit ahead of planning shake-up

Treasury to allocate £900m to over 300 ‘shovel ready’ schemes and infrastructure projects

Projects to build up to 45,000 new homes are to get the green light as part of the latest round of investment from Boris Johnson’s promised “New Deal” ahead of a radical planning shake-up expected this week.

The Treasury is to allocate £900m from funds announced in Rishi Sunak’s budget to more than 300 so-called “shovel ready” schemes, which include the homes, new commercial space and infrastructure projects such as a high-speed rail station in Kent.

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Huobi Group Launches Huobi DeFi Labs

Huobi Group, a blockchain-focused company, has announced what it is calling Huobi DeFi Labs, according to a press release.

“Huobi DeFi Labs is the platform for DeFi (Decentralized Finance) research, investment, and incubation and ecosystem building in DeFi space. It aims to build a better financial system in collaborations with the global crypto and DeFi community for the future,” the release notes.

We are excited to join as a part of the global DeFi ecosystem and will be very honoured to work with the global community to provide the best support possible.”

Sharlyn Wu, a veteran of Wall Street and the Chief Investment Officer of Huobi, will be the leader of the DeFi Labs, comments on the matter, stating:

“Over the past two years, we have witnessed the birth and exponential growth of DeFi. The width, depth and speed of innovations are unparalleled in human history. It is exciting

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