Interview Scheduling Tips to Nail International Planning

For most people, having a job usually consists of traveling to the office to perform your daily tasks. However, as technology develops, the office is no longer the only place where you can work.

In order to access international talents, it is time enterprises employ a different approach to their talent acquisition method. Consequently, that’s how recruiting on virtual platforms becomes the new norm, leading to more international interviews.

Hopin – a UK virtual event solution provider, realizes that they must find a way to meet the skyrocketing demand for their service and give their employees workplace flexibility in response to the global pandemic. The company decided to recruit its workforce worldwide and have its employees work remotely. Hopin has proved that having an international workplace model is critical to success in a post-covid world.

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What is the best way to screen applications for any job?

Resume screening is the first step when you are looking for a person to hire. The average time recruiters spend on a resume is around 7 seconds.

Here are the different ways you can screen applications so that you can effectively evaluate every application.

Screening Automation

Every time your company advertises for any position, it can attract thousands of applications. But finding the candidates by going through each resume is an old-school method.

Before the resume goes to human hands, it gets screened by the software programs called resumes parser, an integral part of an ATS.

Technology is a great help because it automatically screens thousands of applications in seconds and helps to work remotely, especially during current times.

resume parser helps you find the candidate’s information, such as their personal information, experiences, skills, hobbies, and education, in no time. As a result, recruiters can now make accurate hiring Read more

Top 5 Advantages Of Integrating HRMS Software In Your Business

Whether you run a small-scale business, or you manage an MNC, integrating HRMS software in businesses is always a wise decision. There comes a point in every organization when they simply can’t handle the employees’ data manually. Errors are bound to happen, which can overwhelm the HR department.

There will emerge an inevitable need for good HRMS software. There are a plethora of benefits of HRMS payroll software. Every organization has a different kind of HRMS software, consisting of functions according to the company’s needs and requirements. Integrating the software is going to be nothing short of a milestone, and the below 5 points will support the title-

  1. Less burden on HR- One of the most immediate and obvious advantages of a payroll software is the decreased burden on the HR department. Since all the paperwork is done digitally, the time wasted on handling everything manually goes away. Repetitive and
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What’s the fastest growing recruiting technology?

We all have seen a complete transformation of everything overnight during the Covid period. The major thing we have learned from this time is quick adaptation and agility to learn new things.

The recruitment industry is also not untouched by all of this. HR automation and COVID-19 have accelerated the use of HR technology in the workplace.

Recruitment strategies and employee experience have changed dramatically. To help you stay ahead of here are the recruitment technologies that are growing rapidly.

Virtual Recruiting Tools

Remote hiring has become the new norm during the Covid-19, and recruiters now evaluate candidates through virtual channels because it increases candidate reach, reduces interview time, and creates better engagement.

Companies rely highly on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Hangout platforms, and other specialized video interviewing tools to manage recruitment needs. Virtual recruiting helps you to find candidates beyond geographic boundaries irrespective of where they live.

AI and AutomationRead more

The Link Between Health and Safety and Operational Efficiency

In workplaces throughout many different industries, there has long been a myth that productivity must be sacrificed for the sake of health and safety. The idea that health and safety is something that gets in the way of swift operational management is dangerous and, in reality, unfounded. In fact, high levels of health and safety are vital to operational efficiency, whatever sector you work in.

Read on as we get take this myth apart piece by piece and delve into the reasons why health and safety is absolutely necessary for operational efficiency.

A global perspective

If there’s one clear way to see the link between health and safety and operational efficiency, it’s by comparing different countries’ attitudes towards these factors.

The world’s most productive countries according to the Expert Market, including Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland, all have aspirational levels of health and safety. Studies have also shown a correlation between Read more