Binance Institutional launches targeting institutions and VIPs

Binance, the world’s largest exchange by trading volumes, is shifting its services to target institutional investors. The exchange has announced that it will launch a flagship platform targeting VIP and institutional users.

Binance launches a platform targeting institutions and VIPs

This new platform is being launched when the entire cryptocurrency market faces a notable price dip. Institutional investors that usually buy coins in large volumes have also been panicking because of the ongoing recession.

Binance is now launching a new platform known as “Binance Institutional.” The exchange giant plans to upgrade its services and offerings for institutional clients. This product mainly targets institutional clients. The target audience includes hedge funds, brokers, asset managers, corporates, family offices, high networth individuals, and more.

This will be a similar product to the one launched by some top cryptocurrency exchanges to target institutional clients. Institutional investments in the crypto space have increased significantly over … Read more

Harmony Blockchain Bridge Hacked, Assets Worth $100 Million Drained

Hacking is an occasional occurrence in the cryptocurrency market which has been going up recently, with the latest one being Harmony protocol’s Horizon Bridge.

The team put out notices informing users and the community about the hack and promised to take the necessary options as soon as possible. This hack, followed by Axie Infiniti’s Ronin Bridge hack that drained assets worth around $622 million is the fourth such event this year.

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Harmony and the Horizon Bridge

Founded by Stephen Tse in 2018, Harmony is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies that had grown tremendously during the recent bull market. The protocol is an interoperable sharding system that employs a two-way Ethereum bridge.

As a layer-2 solution for Ethereum, the Harmony blockchain is an independent blockchain-powered by Harmony One tokens (ONE). By enabling frictionless cross-chain token swaps, Harmony … Read more

Let’s Decode The Future of Human Resources

The enormous worldwide magnitude of the coronavirus pandemic has led to disruption becoming the new norm in several aspects of life. It is no news that COVID-19 has caused a notable transformation in the way companies carried out operations, particularly human resources. One good thing that happened after the outbreak of this pandemic is businesses expediting their use of HR tech and finding new ways to maximize its value. 

We all are well aware of the fact that the lockdown has signaled a paradigm shift to what is now called the “new normal”- a sudden shift from offices to virtual workplaces. This, in turn, has increased the need for HR digitalization that was never seen before this health crisis. As a result, more and more businesses in India are now relying on automated software for HR management. 

All that said, let’s dive into the blog and discuss three major changes Read more

Uphold halts services in Venezuela, cites US sanctions

Uphold, a cryptocurrency trading platform has said that it will be suspending its services in Venezuela over the sanctions imposed against the country by the United States. Uphold said that Venezuela was among the first countries to support the platform and was suspending its services “very reluctantly.”

Uphold leaves Venezuela

In the announcement, Uphold said that users had to withdraw their funds from the platform “as soon as possible.” “The ability to trade will be halted on July 31 and all accounts fully restricted from September 30.”

Uphold is a US-based crypto trading platform and is expected to comply with all sanctions imposed by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). Therefore, the platform was withdrawing its services in Venezuela in compliance with the sanctions imposed against the Venezuelan government.

“Without a change in applicable law, or specific permission from OFAC, these regulations may prohibit us from releasing funds … Read more

Women in Engineering: A Level Playing Field?

According to the Women’s Engineering Society (WES), women only make up 12.37% of all engineers in the UK. Considering that a higher number of girls than boys achieve a grade A*-C in all STEM A-Levels except chemistry, there is a clear disjunction when these young girls begin their careers. The engineering industry is often considered stereotypically masculine, and this outdated image may be off-putting to many women who would otherwise thrive in an engineering role. Various businesses and non-profit initiatives are striving to create a level playing field for women in engineering. However, the current gender gap still begs the questions: what is stopping more women pursuing a career in engineering? Is this trend changing? And, importantly, are we doing enough to encourage women down this crucial and rewarding career path?

Getting women into STEM subjects

As our society changes to disprove dated gender stereotypes, industries such as engineering are … Read more