Virtual Career Fairs: 5 Ways to Stand Out as an Employer

So you’ve decided to host a Virtual Career Fair, huh? Congratulations! Virtual Career Fairs are a great recruiting tool that can help your team achieve your hiring goals more efficiently. Not only has it been a huge aid during the pandemic, but it also serves as a bridge between recruiters and candidates from any location.

But among the hundreds to millions of recruiters hosting virtual events, how are you going to set yourself apart? What do you have that other virtual events don’t?

Making a good impression is even more so important when you’re not able to meet face-to-face at a traditional career fair. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to put in a little more effort to ensure candidates are satisfied with their virtual job search – and impressed with your event.

Here are some ways you can differentiate yourself as an employer hosting a virtual job fair.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction: BTC/USD Continues Its Downward Move as Bulls and Bears Struggle for Price Possession above $40,000 Support

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction – May 19, 2021
Following the rejection at $60,000 overhead resistance, Bitcoin has continued to slide on the downside. The king coin has fallen below the $40,000 support at the time of writing. There are indications of a further downward movement to the $28,000 low.

Resistance Levels: $65,000, $70,000, $75,000
Support Levels: $50,000, $45,000, $40,000

BTC/USD – Daily Chart

After the bearish impulse on May 12, the BTC/USD price settled above $48,611. Buyers attempted to push the crypto upward but were resisted at the $51,000 high. The rejection at $51,000 high signals the second round of downtrend. Bitcoin has declined to $39,708 at the time of writing. The downtrend is likely to extend to the low of $28,000. The $28,000 support is the historical price level of January 21 and 27. Bitcoin price retested the support level twice and rebounded above it. The rebounds catapulted the … Read more

Top 14 Game-Changing Recruiting Platforms You Should Know as a Recruiter

Technology has revolutionized the recruitment process. Now you need to integrate advanced software solutions to attract and retain mobile- and tech-first talents. There are lots of great recruiting platforms out there, so it might be challenging to decide which one is a better fit for your organization.

Here is a list of the top 14 recruiting platforms. Keep reading, and you will find out which platform works best for candidate sourcing, automating administrative tasks, and managing the entire applicant life cycle.

Let’s compare the key advantages and disadvantages of these popular platforms for recruiters.

1. Rakuna

Rakuna sets out to enhance the experience between recruiters and prospective candidates as an advanced and intuitive recruiting platform as a progressive and intuitive recruiting platform. With the combination of online and offline recruitment and an aerodynamic approach to collect candidate information, this platform ensures quicker recruitment and a better candidate response rate and … Read more

Ripple Price Prediction: XRP/USD Recovers Above $1.50 Resistance

Ripple Price Prediction – May 117

The Ripple (XRP) renews the bullish trend after testing the support level of $1.29 since the European session.

XRP/USD Market

Key Levels:

Resistance levels: $2.00, $2.20, $2.40

Support levels: $0.80, $0.60, $0.40

XRPUSD – Daily Chart

XRP/USD is currently following an upward roll after plunging under $1.30 to test support at $1.29 a few hours ago. The seventh-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has on several occasions since the month of April, been purged from highs above $1.95. A monthly high traded at $1.98 marked the end of the bullish action towards $2.00 and paved the way for losses under $1.05.

Ripple Price Prediction: What is the Next Direction?

XRP/USD has commenced an intriguing recovery towards a $1.80 resistance level. The initial break above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages boosted the price up. However, the Ripple (XRP) hit highs above $1.65 before retreating back … Read more

4 Effective Screening Methods for High-Level Hiring

Companies of all sorts are attempting to recruit the finest staff possible. In order to do this, they use a variety of applicant screening strategies in their recruiting process to help narrow down prospective candidates. However, the variety of methods used by employers to evaluate applicants is wide and daunting. Here are four screening methods that would be effective for your company.

Phone Screening

Once you’ve narrowed down the most qualified applicants based on cover letters and resumes, you should set up a phone interview with them. What questions do you raise during a phone screening interview? First, you should double-check the candidates’ job and academic histories. You may also inquire about their present position, pay demands, and availability. During the call, be sure to pay attention to how well they interact and take notes on their responses. The ability to be professional over the phone is essential for any … Read more