Are There Car Insurance Discounts for Safe and Low-Mileage Drivers?

Insurance customers are often eager to save money, and insurance companies have continued finding ways to help them lower their premium costs. One way that companies reward drivers who don’t log a lot of time behind the wheel is to give them low-mileage discounts for driving less.

The costs of premiums vary from state to state. Some states require insurers to factor in the estimated annual mileage when they set rates.[1] Why does this matter? In California, increasing estimated miles from 5,000 miles to 20,000 miles per year equates to approximately a 25 percent premium hike.[2] Insurance companies can make incremental increases for drivers who put more miles on their cars, although the differences are typically not as significant as in the Golden State.[3]

Still, saving money on your car insurance can help you out financially, and the idea of saving money by driving less is one … Read more

Which Usage-Based Car Insurance is Best for You?


• If you’re a safe or low-mileage driver you may be able to save now
• Nationwide offers two usage-based insurance options that may be right for you
• Talk to your insurance agent about the best fit for you

You may be wondering which usage-based insurance (UBI) program would best suit you. UBI programs and the customized options they can provide are becoming the choice for a growing number of drivers. Carriers that can tailor auto insurance coverages and options based on the unique needs of all the drivers in a household are giving customers the control they’re looking for from a car insurance company.

Nationwide offers two usage-based insurance programs

There are two UBI options that could help you save, depending on how you drive. SmartRide® offers a discount based on how safely you drive. SmartMiles® provides a rate based on how much you drive. … Read more

4 Fun Ways to Exercise with Your Dog

Part of being a pet owner is making sure your furry friend gets enough exercise to stay healthy. The good news is, when you keep Fido active, you’ll be more likely to stay active too.

Research shows that owning a pet can promote a healthy lifestyle. Pet owners typically increase their amount of leisurely exercise, like taking walks, by 69% compared to those who don’t own pets.[1]

Exercising with your dog is as easy as walking around the block, but what if you’re tired of seeing the same old scenery? Find out how to exercise with your dog. Try these out-of-the-ordinary things to do with your dog to stay healthy.

1. Hit the trails

If you’re tired of seeing the same houses on your block, trade the neighborhood walk for a nature trail. Search for local trails in your area that allow leashed dogs and take a stroll through … Read more

Set a Date Night to Review Your Financial Plan


With everything else going on in life, it’s easy to put off reviewing your finances. But it’s an important step in keeping your financial house in order for the future.

So as we continue to spend an unprecedented amount of time indoors wondering how to spend our free time, now may be the perfect opportunity plan a financial date night to review your personal finances. To get started, make a list of the things you’d like to review about your finances, then plan some quiet time over dinner or on a walk to discuss them. Here are several financial areas to consider:

1. Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries for products such as IRAs and life insurance are not covered by a will. You have to name them on the designation form for each product. And it’s a good idea to review these beneficiaries once a year. Did … Read more

Usage-Based Car Insurance and Telematics: 3 Common Myths


  • Today’s drivers are benefiting from auto policies tailored to their personal driving habits
  • Many want to know more about how usage-based insurance works
  • Some common misconceptions, or myths, are easily busted

The days of the “one-policy-fits-all” approach to auto insurance are ending as consumers seek coverage tailored to their specific driving habits. For many, usage-based insurance, also known as UBI, is a new concept. And consumers have questions about how the emerging technology may fit into their lives.

UBI is known by several names, most commonly telematics insurance.  There are several types of telematics insurance: pay-per-mile, pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) or pay-how-you-drive (PHYD). The best way to understand whether a UBI option is right for you is to talk to your insurance agent. In the meantime, here are answers to some frequently asked questions, as well as some common UBI myths that are easily busted.

What is usage-based car insurance?

UBI … Read more