Thinking of Taking Your Business Global? Answer These 3 Questions

For many entrepreneurs, the idea of taking their brand global is intoxicating. 

After all, growth and expansion are almost always associated with success–despite the fact that for some brands, expansion can be a death knell. 

How do you know whether your brand is ready to go international? Consider these points first. 

1. What kind of marketing plan have you put into place in your target region? 

It’s critical to build up a solid brand presence in your new region, not while you expand, but before you expand. 

With all the resources it takes to branch out into international markets, you’ve got to be able to hit the ground running. The only way to do that is to begin your marketing well in advance of when you plan on actually launching your brand in that market. 

That doesn’t have to mean making a huge financial investment in advertising. In fact,

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How To Pull Out of a Downward Spiral

When my father turned 70, he decided one day that he just couldn’t stand going to work any longer, so he stayed in bed for the next ten years, not because he was physically sick but because he was so depressed he couldn’t function.

I am thus genetically loaded to be depressed, so it’s not surprising that I’ve struggled most of my life with depression, which in my case takes the form of the horrible feeling that everything in the world is going wrong at the same time.

I know exactly what it feels like to be in a downward emotional tailspin. While I’m perfectly capable of doing an emotional tailspin when my life seems to be going well, it’s more difficult to keep afloat during times that involve real-life challenges.

I’m facing one of those challenges tonight.

As i write, I’m quarantined in my home office because my wife,

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The Fed’s Main Street Lending Program Changes Its Terms, Again

The Federal Reserve is finally listening to small-business owners.

On Friday, the central bank announced a number of tweaks to its Main Street Lending Program aimed at widening the eligibility terms and making the loans more attractive to borrowers. The Fed’s Main Street Lending Program runs directly through federally insured depository institutions, including banks, savings associations, and credit unions, and is geared to small and midsize businesses that were in good financial standing prior to the pandemic.

Here are those three changes in detail:

1. Lower loan size

The Fed reduced the minimum loan size for its business-focused Main Street loan facilities to $100,000, down from $250,000. The program supports three lending facilities for businesses: one for new borrowers, one for borrowers who may have existing debt but lower fiscal needs, and one for borrowers who have an existing loan or credit line with outsize fiscal needs.

Now, to access

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The Lucid Air Dream Edition Just Might Be Elon Musk’s Worst Nightmare

Sometimes you witness something, and the only thing you can think to describe it is “yep, they got it.” That’s the feeling I had when I saw the Lucid Air Dream Edition in person this week. “They got it.” By “it,” I mean they may have actually cracked the secret recipe for what makes a great electric vehicle (EV). While that’s very good news for EVs, it could be very bad news for Tesla

Before I explain why, let’s be honest, Tesla is–by a scale of magnitude–the most successful EV maker. The competition isn’t even close. 

Sure, there are traditional car makers experimenting with how to put an electric motor into what they’ve always understood a car to be. That’s how you end up with the Chevy Bolt or Nissan Leaf or the Porsche Taycan. In each case, those vehicles represent only one small piece of a

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What Your Car Emergency Kit Should Have

It’s one of a driver’s worst fears: A dead battery or alternator, a blown gasket, your car ran out of gas, or any number of other car troubles that leave you stranded on an empty stretch of road. For winter drivers, there’s also the possibility of sliding off an icy road into a snowbank.

In such a scenario, having a car safety kit with the right components can mean the difference in keeping you and your passengers safe and sound until aid arrives. Depending on the problem, the proper tools can also get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

While some items should be found in every trunk, not every roadside emergency kit is built the same. Tailor it to the type and condition of your vehicle, as well as the weather where you typically travel. With the unpredictability of winter weather, even drivers in … Read more